The development of the hottest smart grid in China

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The development of smart electricity in China needs unified planning standards first

recently, the "smart electricity key design to understand the current situation of China's lithium battery industry backup (system) development plan" and "smart electricity technology standard system plan" prepared by the State Grid Corporation of China were released. As a sub plan of the national plan for smart electricity, the release of these two plans plays an important guiding role in the development of key equipment of smart electricity in China and the formulation of relevant industry standards, national standards and even international standards, and is conducive to promoting and driving the orderly development of smart electricity and related fields and industries

the significance of smart electricity for China is different from that of other countries, in addition to developing the economy, solving employment, ensuring energy security and coping with climate change

these aspects mainly include: building strong electricity with UHV as the backbone, significantly improving the ability of electricity to optimize the allocation of resources on a large scale, and solving the problem of reverse distribution of energy resources and demand in China

adapt to and promote the development and utilization of large-scale clean energy, and solve the contradiction between China's coal based energy structure and low-carbon development

promote the efficient operation and innovative development of power enterprises, meet the rapid growth of China's power demand, and drive the development of relevant energy information industries. Therefore, the development of intelligent potential is imperative

to develop smart electricity, we must adhere to unified planning and standards first. Smart electricity is a new thing. The global smart electricity is still in the early stage of development, its definition is still gradually improved and enriched, and its development still has basic problems such as the lack of national standards. At the same time, smart electricity has become an economic hot word concerned by the industry and market. If there is no unified planning, there are actually few solutions. If technical standards cannot be unified, the market may face the risk of waste and overheating

therefore, it is urgent to establish a systematic, perfect, open and intelligent electrical technology standard system with independent intellectual property rights

the temperature of the mortar and the curing temperature of the specimen are in direct proportion to the strength value

in May 2009, the national electric company officially proposed the development strategy of building a strong smart electricity, has carried out 21 pilot projects, combed and proposed the key technical framework of smart electricity, and began a number of technical breakthroughs. At present, important progress has been made in the construction practice of strong smart electricity and major thematic research

the two plans released this time, 7. Pay attention not to cause loose plugs when moving computers, clarify the medium and long-term goals and development priorities of strong smart electricity in China, and systematically put forward the development plan including 7 technical fields, 28 technical topics and 137 key equipment for the first time, which can be used as a guiding basis for formulating relevant industrialization development plans; For the first time, a smart electricity technology standard system including 8 professional branches, 26 technical fields and 92 standard series is systematically proposed, and the smart electricity technology standards that can be directly adopted, need to be revised and need to be formulated are clarified, which provides an important reference for the preparation of smart electricity industry standards and national standards in China

at present, the State Grid Corporation of China is accelerating the construction of a strong intelligent power with UHV as the backbone, coordinated development of power at all levels, and the characteristics of informatization, automation and interaction, so as to strive to realize the upgrading of China's power from traditional power to efficient, economic, clean and interactive modern power

however, smart electricity involves all aspects of economy and society, and requires the joint efforts of all sectors of society. In order to better promote the development of smart electricity, we should adhere to unified planning, standards first, and form a good situation as soon as possible with the government leading, enterprises, universities, research and other relevant units cooperating closely and jointly promoting

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