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The development of prefabricated buildings brings opportunities to industries such as thermal insulation materials

in 2016, the premier proposed in the government work report that "we should actively promote green buildings and building materials, and vigorously develop steel structures and prefabricated buildings". The "several opinions of the CPC Central Committee and the State Council on Further Strengthening the management of urban planning and construction" also proposed to strive to use about 10 years to make the proportion of prefabricated buildings in new buildings reach 30%. It cannot be seen from these new regulations that green buildings and prefabricated buildings are being promoted to an unprecedented new height in the development of architecture in China

the slowdown of real estate development has affected the downstream component enterprises. The development of many component industries is cold, and the development of prefabricated buildings has also brought new opportunities for the development of 325 song and dance halls of component enterprises

prefabricated buildings expand the scope of foreign investment. Buildings are inseparable from many components, such as wall materials, thermal insulation materials, doors and windows, pipe fittings and pipes, external wall tile finishes, etc. only when the component industry realizes industrialization, can the final prefabricated buildings be realized and the industrialization of buildings be realized

different from the requirements of traditional buildings for parts and components, prefabricated buildings have new requirements for air tightness, thermal insulation effect and other aspects of doors and windows

taking thermal insulation materials as an example, the traditional external wall insulation is easy to fall off, poor stability, short service life and other disadvantages, wall cracking and peeling, insulation failure, wall water permeability, short service life of external wall decoration and other phenomena are common, while prefabricated buildings require the insulation layer to have the same service life as the building wall

although the requirements of prefabricated buildings for parts and components are strengthening, high standards indirectly eliminate backward production capacity, so that parts and components enterprises can be more competitive in the market, and bring new development opportunities to industries in development difficulties

prefabricated building has become the future trend of real estate development and the requirement of green building development. 4. The indication error of experimental force: within ± 0.5% of the indication is the demand of building industrialization development, especially when the experimental load is large. Its vigorous development brings new business opportunities for the coordinated development of the whole industrial chain

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