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Zoomlion overseas company carries out Southeast Asia regional service bank activities

Zoomlion still needs the board of directors to carry out Southeast Asia regional service bank activities through overseas companies

and the pull range of products is different

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recently, Zoomlion overseas company carried out the "service journey" activity with the theme of "four seasons care", Myanmar, one of the most potential key countries in the Southeast Asian market, has opened a new chapter

this activity was organized by the Southeast Asia service team and Myanmar agents. The whole activity is divided into two parts: training and experience sharing, as well as on-site visits and on-site inspections. The training was conducted in Yangon, with the participation of end customers and agent service engineers. The whole training adopts the method of centralized teaching, and detailed explanations are given to local agents and customers in equipment maintenance, rotary drilling rig construction technology, safe operation, drill pipe maintenance, hydraulic and electrical control principles. After 20 months, the customer also made an in-depth discussion with the lecturer on the problems encountered in the on-site operation, mainly including polyurethane (PU) and rubber products used in earthquake resistance, ballast pads, sleepers and other aspects, as well as the construction methods of different strata and special accident handling. The class also set up a prize question and answer session to liven up the atmosphere, effectively sort out the important knowledge points in the class, and deepen customers' understanding of rotary drilling rig knowledge

after close communication with the agent, the Southeast Asian service team made full preparations for this training. They not only translated the training materials into Burmese, but also hired a Burmese translator to ensure barrier free communication throughout the whole process. The slogan of the Southeast Asia service team of the branch is "we care more than you care", which reflects that Zoomlion, while continuously improving product quality and after-sales service experience, pays more attention to passing professional knowledge to customers to help customers improve efficiency and grow together

after the training, the person in charge of the agent said that this large-scale centralized training in the same industry was held for the first time in Myanmar, and Zoomlion gave customers a unique experience

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