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Zoomlion mixer truck manufacturing department introduced end flange welding "robot"

Zoomlion mixer truck manufacturing department introduced end flange welding "robot"

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Guide: in order to meet the high-quality production needs of mixing drums, the mixer truck manufacturing department of concrete machinery company introduced a special machine for welding robot end flange. With the efforts of workshop staff and equipment manufacturers, The equipment has been installed and commissioned a few days ago and has been officially put into production. The welding quality of the end flange is direct

in order to meet the needs of high-quality production of mixing drums, the mixing truck manufacturing department of the concrete machinery company has introduced a welding "robot" - a special machine for welding end flanges. With the efforts of workshop staff and equipment manufacturers, the equipment has been installed, debugged and officially put into production and operation

the welding quality of the end flange is directly related to the overall quality and service life of the mixer truck. Poor welding quality may lead to water leakage, slurry leakage, cracking and other phenomena of the mixing drum. If there are problems, there is even the risk of falling from the mixer truck. Since the special welding machine was put into use, the welding time of the manufacturing end flange has been shortened by 5 minutes, the efficiency has been increased by 25%, and the weld formation and appearance aesthetics have been improved. More importantly, the qualified rate of ultrasonic flaw detection has risen to 100%, completing a qualitative leap

welding "robot" operation site

welding "robot" has won high praise from workshop operators since it was put into production. Employees said, "with it, we don't have to bend over for a long time to weld the end flange, the labor intensity is greatly reduced, and the welding volume of the end flange is greatly increased at the end of the day." Before the introduction of welding "robot", due to the manual welding of outdoor line terminal flanges, employees need to squat on the front cone and weld with a welding gun in hand. If they squat for a long time, employees' lumbar muscles are easy to strain. In addition, employees squat on the front cone and there are safety hazards of falling from high places. Excellent insulation performance also makes modified plastics widely used in the production of connectors, exchange contactors, junction boxes, plugs, etc. The introduction of the welding "robot" in the mixing car manufacturing department eliminates the need for employees to squat on the front cone and hold a welding gun for welding. Just start the controller button in a short time, and the welding "robot" will complete the welding of an end flange accurately and at high speed. The "robot" has a variety of advanced properties, adopts semi-automatic control, and is equipped with a wired remote control box, which can control the operation on the electric control box, so that employees and welding "robot" can work together efficiently. Compared with the general manual welding, the welding "robot" has significantly improved the production efficiency and quality

with the continuous updating and improvement of the company's production equipment, the product quality of mixer truck will have a new leap, so as to promote the improvement of product market competitiveness and influence

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