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Zoomlion made its debut at the 2017 national spring agricultural machinery exhibition

Zoomlion made its debut at the 2017 national spring agricultural machinery exhibition

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it was 941billion yen in the 2017 global carbon fiber composite market (converted at the current exchange rate, it is equivalent to about 49 billion yuan. At the national agricultural machinery and parts exhibition opened in Zhengzhou on March 23, 2014, Zoomlion appeared with 14 innovative products, fully demonstrating its strong strength of continuous innovation.

Zoomlion appeared at the 2017 National Agricultural machinery and parts exhibition

adhere to innovation driven independent research and development of a number of high-end products

at this exhibition, Zoomlion represents the current domestic vertical axis 8bz1 harvester and Guwang Aurora tb80g harvester, which are advanced in flow threshing technology, embody the ingenuity and determination of Zoomlion to adhere to innovation driven and promote product upgrading, reflecting that China's grain crop harvesting machinery has entered an era of high efficiency and high quality

Zoomlion Aurora harvester leads the industry into a new era

the pl2304 high-power power shift tractor exhibited by Zoomlion has reached the international advanced level in product performance and technical parameters, filling the gap of power shift tractors of China's own brands in this power range, and its products have been widely listed in Xinjiang and Northeast China. The company also made full use of its technological innovation platform and successively launched tractor products with different platforms and different horsepower stages, such as PL, RS, Rh, rk, RD, RF, etc. these product resource combinations can meet the needs of deep tillage, subsoiling and Conservation Tillage in China's agricultural production. In particular, the rs1504 tractor exhibited by Zoomlion at this exhibition adopts enhanced two speed power output, with a wide range of supporting machines and tools and high reliability; Equipped with intelligent instruments, it can monitor and display the startup and landing or emergency stop buttons of the whole machine at any time, match the subsoiling monitoring device, and automatically upload various data to the cloud server, so as to easily realize accurate operation

as one of the best-selling agricultural machinery products of Zoomlion, the PL50 rice machine on display this time is also favored by users for its low electrolyte and affecting the stability of the tank. This model is equipped with national III high-power electronically controlled diesel engine to achieve high efficiency and low fuel consumption. Facing the operation of "deep muddy feet" in paddy fields, the PL50 rice machine has high ground clearance, flexible turning and better trafficability. In addition, PL50 can also harvest rape, wheat, millet and other crops. With the option of half feeding and full feeding into the corn header, it can realize the direct harvest of corn seeds and improve the income of the machine operator

focus on supply side reform, make up for weaknesses, adjust the structure, and comprehensively improve the competitiveness of China's agricultural machinery industry.

the national "grain to feed" policy has driven the market demand for silage harvesting machinery. Zoomlion's new generation of fl3000a and 9qz-16 silage machines appeared in this exhibition, so as to complement the shortcomings of China's silage harvesting machinery and achieve the same PK with "foreign brands" in this field

Zoomlion silage helps agricultural supply side structural reform

as a "short board" link of the whole process mechanization of agricultural production, the mechanization level of straw collection and processing and grain drying in China still needs to be improved. At this exhibition, the 9yf-2200s baler launched by Zoomlion can adapt to the baleing operation of wheat, rice, corn and other crop straws. Combined with the biological feeding machine launched by Zoomlion last year, it can perfectly realize the resource utilization of straws; DC300, as the representative of grain drying equipment, integrates information, intelligence and green energy-saving technology, and its market share has always ranked first in the industry

Wang Jinfu, vice president of Zoomlion, told the author that only based on the current situation, focusing on the long-term recovery of the international market, adhering to innovation driven, having core technology, and making products with advanced performance and reliable quality can we have long-term development opportunities

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