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The world's top glass art works appear in Shencheng

the glacier polished with light and shadow, cold and warm, and the common images of God, God, and man in classical art are blown out with silk technology; Sculptures made of glass are even turned into ceramics

the works of eight world's top contemporary glass art masters, as the "trendy" - Contemporary Glass Art Exhibition introduced by Shanghai Himalayan Art Museum, appeared in Shanghai on September 15

"artists gradually promote the form of glass through the melting state of different glasses, and then let light refract and reflect inside the work, with rich color changes. Their attempts to cross and integrate media have opened a new perspective for us to appreciate glass art." Xima Volvo's plate springs were produced with loctite Max 2 polyurethane resin, said wangchunjie, curator of the Laya Art Museum

artists come from all over the world, take glass as the first choice for creative media, and are second to none in the fields of different glass making processes such as casting, carving, hot melting, wire drawing and blowing. Among them, there are not only young and talented art stars with unique perspectives, but also legends in the field of optical glass sculpture

Dutch artist Peter bremers is famous for his iconic kiln sculpture microcomputer controlled electro-hydraulic servo horizontal tensile testing machine, which adopts our company's mature universal testing machine technology. Inspired by his rich travel experience, he returns the inspiration drawn from nature to the world in the form of works, "take it from nature and return it to the world", "Iceberg and others" and "Canyon and wilderness" and other series of works all express the artist's respect for the earth. Lucio bubacco was born in Murano, an island of glass. He devoted his whole life to his unique artistic expression, and provided the following for everyone: thermoplastic technology to the peak, expressing gorgeous and dramatic ecstasy and celebration

American artist Richard Julie is famous for hot melting and blowing glass. He uses vivid characters or animals to depict plots for metaphor. His works always contain rich human elements. With the theme of American lifestyle, combined with a variety of materials, his works present an epic beauty. Julie himself is also the record holder of the world's largest FRP sculpture. A super large work "life cycle: the power of dreams, infinite miracles" created by him for the art museum in 2014 reached 30 meters long and 3.6 meters high

and William Morris is recognized as one of the most talented and daring glass artists in the world. His works try to add another stroke to the archaeological record of human history. His creative inspiration comes from ancient civilization, prehistoric cave murals and funeral ceremonies. William tries to arouse people's trace to distant times through his works of art

according to Evra, collection director of litwak, Israel: "Contemporary glass technology originated from Emil Geller's works, but with the rise of functionalism in industrial design and celebrations, hand-made glass manufacturing gave way to factories employing professional designers. The trend of change first spread in northern and southern Europe. Today's glass art is relatively diversified compared with the past. Glass technology has not only included furnace blowing, but also other hot glass technologies, such as hot melting, which are often associated with cutting and carving Combination of engraving and painting technology. The exhibition shows the artist's creative level of manipulating space and light when operating glass sculptures. "

in fact, glass art has a long history. From about 2000 BC, according to the Secretary of history, ancient Egypt has begun to use glass as utensils. After more than 4000 years of development, whether rich, rare or cheap, as utensils, glass grace court nobles and civilians; As the raw material of mirror, the invention of telescope and microscope has opened mankind's exploration of the unknown. Since records, glass has always existed more as a medium; In a blink of an eye, glass has got rid of its practical and functional limitations, breaking the boundaries between its traditional shape and appearance, and is no longer just the mechanical expression of glass "craftsman"

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