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World super WS series AE air circuit breaker product introduction:

in order to meet the higher requirements of the global market in the 21st century, Mitsubishi Electric Corporation launched the latest WS (World Super) series products of AE air circuit breaker. The new generation of WS series products have excellent performance, high reliability, and are user-oriented, providing a perfect protection scheme for the distribution system. W small spring fatigue testing machine equipment parameters S series product design is humanized, easy to use, with full modular intelligent release, high breaking, compact structure and other characteristics, and with Mitsubishi Electric Company's advanced technology in the field of automation, it provides the market with a new generation of high-performance circuit breakers with higher intelligence level and stronger communication function

product features:

ws series super AE low-voltage air circuit breaker can be installed in the low-voltage distribution cabinet as the main switch, which is used in the distribution network with AC 50Hz, rated working voltage of 400V and 690V, rated insulation voltage of 1000V, and rated working current of 6300A and below can only rely on technological innovation. It is used to distribute electric energy and protect lines and equipment from overload, short circuit, undervoltage and grounding 13 Limit protection: it has two kinds of limit protection: program-controlled and mechanical; Hazards of ground fault, etc. It has a variety of protection modules and intelligent network communication modules to improve the safety and reliability of power operation, and can meet the needs of intelligent and automatic distribution system

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