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Worried about the tightening situation on the border between Turkey and Iran, the international oil price hit a new high on Tuesday

the market was worried that Turkey's cross-border pursuit of the PKK would pose a threat to the possible oil supply, which affected the international oil price to hit a new high. At the close of Tuesday, November light crude oil futures on the New York Mercantile Exchange were $87.61 a barrel, up $1.48 from the previous trading day; November Brent crude oil futures on the London Intercontinental Exchange were $84.16, up $1.41; November heating oil futures in New York rose 3.15 cents to 233.87 cents per gallon; Rbob gasoline futures in November were 217.37 cents per gallon, up 1.62 cents; London Intercontinental Exchange is highly effective. Diesel futures in November were $722.75 per ton, up $13.25 from the previous trading day. November futures of Brent crude oil in London ended late Tuesday

Asian benchmark crude oil spot followed western crude oil futures on Tuesday. Dubai crude oil for January delivery closed at $78.40 a barrel, up $1.70 from the previous trading day. In January, Brent/Dubai crude oil swap price difference per barrel was $5.22, and WTI/Dubai swap price difference per barrel in January was $7.05

on Tuesday, the estimated price of gasoline in Singapore market was $91.90 per barrel, up $1.95 from the previous trading day. The estimated price of diesel oil in the market was 96.45 US dollars per barrel, up 2.60 US dollars from the previous trading day

on Tuesday, the settlement price of fuel oil futures in Shanghai Futures Exchange rose in an all-round way, with increased trading volume and positions, which then caused the change of sensor output voltage to decrease. The settlement price of futures in November was 3728 yuan per ton, up 48 yuan from the previous trading day. The settlement price of futures in December was 3796 yuan per ton, up 63 yuan from the previous trading day. In January 2008, the futures trading was active, with the opening price of 3809 yuan per ton, and the trading volume of 1 was not suitable for the experiment, 43276 hands and 87092 positions; 2038 fewer hands than the previous trading day, and the closing price in the afternoon was 3770 yuan per ton; The settlement price was 3795 yuan per ton, 65 yuan higher than the settlement price of the previous trading day, and the trading range was yuan per ton

the settlement prices of crude oil futures and refined oil futures on the Tokyo Mercantile Exchange rose comprehensively on Tuesday. In October, crude oil futures closed at 56300 yen per cubic meter, up 940 yen from the previous trading day, with a trading volume of 61 hands; In November, gasoline futures closed at 65720 yen per cubic meter, up 790 hands from the settlement price of the previous trading day, with a trading volume of 269 hands; In November, kerosene futures closed at 71300 yen per cubic meter, up 1280 yen from the settlement price of the previous trading day, with a trading volume of 204 hands

Turkish Prime Minister Recep Tayyip Erdogan said on Tuesday that he hoped that parliament would authorize Turkish troops to enter northern Iraq by land on Wednesday to attack the local PKK. Iraq, which has the world's third largest oil reserves, announced on Tuesday that it plans to sell 6million barrels of crude oil from the Kirkuk oil field in northern Iraq, which will be transported through the oil pipeline on the Turkish Iraqi border

Olivier Jakob, an analyst at petromatrix, an oil consulting firm, said, "this reflects the strong influence of geopolitical factors. The market is worried about the interruption of oil supply, and the price of $90 a barrel has become within reach." On Tuesday, oil prices in New York broke through $88 to $88.20 per barrel

Shokri Ghanem, chairman of the Libyan national oil company, said on Monday that the current high oil prices were mainly caused by political instability such as Iraq, rather than any restrictions on oil supply. On September 18, a node of Kirkuk oil field was attacked, which reduced Iraq's oil exports by 100000 barrels to 1.68 million barrels per day last month. Northern Iraq is the main oil producing region of the country, and it is also a semi autonomous Kurdish region. In addition, the oil pipeline in southern Turkey is often attacked by the PKK

Helen Henton, head of commodity research at Standard Chartered Bank, said: "although Saudi Arabia's production still has some room to rise, which can make up for the reduction in Iraq's production, this will exhaust all Saudi Arabia's remaining capacity. The overall supply is very tight, and there is not much additional production."

Jakob, an analyst at petromatrix, pointed out: "in addition to the threat to Iraq's oil supply, if there is a military conflict, the risk of BTC oil routes being attacked will also greatly increase." BTC (Baku Tbilisi Ceyhan) oil pipeline is an important oil pipeline connecting Baku City, located in acerbaran in the Caucasus, on the Caspian Sea, via Tbilisi, the capital of Georgia, and ends at Ceyhan port on the Mediterranean coast of Turkey. It can transport 1million barrels of crude oil per day

according to the median forecast of Bloomberg News Agency's survey of 11 analysts, U.S. crude oil inventories may increase by 1.5 million barrels last week, compared with 320.1 million barrels the previous week. Distillate oil (including heating oil and diesel) inventory may decline for the third consecutive week, from 135.3 million barrels in the previous week, of which heating oil inventory increased to 44.8 million barrels, 21.7% lower than the average level in the quarter

Gordon Johndroe, a White House spokesman, said on Monday that Turkey must exercise restraint and avoid any military action against the PKK. The fear of sending troops from Turkey has caused oil prices to rise by more than $3 this week

the US dollar benchmark price of West Texas light crude oil has increased by 44% since the high-end utilization this year, and the prices in euros, pounds and yen have increased by 34%, 39% and 41% respectively. Algerian oil minister Carey said on Monday that OPEC would discuss the impact of the recent dollar weakness on oil prices at its meeting on December 5

Eni, an Italian oil company, said in a statement released on Tuesday that it would jointly invest $28billion with the Libyan national oil company in the next 10 years to expand the oil and gas production of this North African country. At the same time, Eni will also extend the contract period for oil exploitation from Libya to 2042. Eni acquired 26 exploration blocks in the Gulf of Mexico with us $47.8 million last week, and the potential crude oil reserves in these blocks are estimated to be 650million barrels

according to the latest news, the package price of OPEC calculated by the weighted average price of 12 OPEC member states on October 15 was $78.76 per barrel, up $1.14 from the previous trading day

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