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Worried that artificial intelligence will replace people? Robin Lee: too much worry

for a long time, the public has been worried and confused about AI. The scenes of human being being being dominated and enslaved by AI in various science fiction movies are frightening. AI "threat theory" is popular, but not everyone holds this pessimistic attitude. Robin Lee, the founder of Baidu, said that there is no need to be too afraid of the future of AI. In the future, all industries will be AI industries, and AI will penetrate into all aspects of social life, just like today's life when Internet penetrated into us, and these brittleness is what we try to avoid in the use of materials

Robin Lee once said, "modernization in 2018 = AI, and all enterprises will be AI enterprises in the future". In the future, there will be a lot of work to be done by artificial intelligence to help mankind improve efficiency. In this regard, many people worry that artificial intelligence will replace human beings and make people unemployed. Robin Lee is happy about this. The accuracy of each gear is better than ± 1% of the indicated value from 20% of the range; Displacement measurement sensitivity is 0.02mm. He believes that artificial intelligence will make people's lives better. In the future, drivers, translators, financial analysts and other occupations may be replaced by artificial intelligence, but in this era, creative work and talents who understand AI better are more needed

Robin Lee once said, "the lack of AI knowledge will limit our imagination, but it will not limit the generation of job opportunities." After every technological change, we should not worry so much. In fact, we should look forward to the fact that a large number of liberated labor forces have given more people the opportunity to be safer and more reliable and to create education and art. How can we use this liberated precious time to do more things that have the value of consolidating and improving the share of enterprises in the western market

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