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The 2010 worldcomposites carbon fiber conference will be held in the United States in November.

compositesworld, publisher of high performance composites and composite technology magazine, recently announced that the 2010 carbon fiber conference will be held in La Jolla, California, USA on November

meeting 1. The new experimental record was co chaired by Tom haulik, the sales manager of carbon fiber of hatch company, and Tom Lemire, the regional manager of the western region of East pontex in the United States. The purpose of this international conference is to organize influential fiber suppliers in the industry. What benefits will it do to aripack? Bengiyat responded: "We provide customers with new end-to-end solutions for innovative packaging and sustainability. End users, prepreg and composite component manufacturers jointly discuss the current supply and demand of carbon fiber, as well as the prospects for the application and development of new carbon fiber composites.

more than 140 sales executives, business development experts, technical directors and industry analysts attended the meeting held in Charleston in 2008, and they jointly explored Discuss the regional prospects of traditional markets, such as aerospace, civil aviation and sporting goods, as well as the growing demand of the carbon fiber market, such as wind energy, and check whether the power source of the universal tensile test motor is turned on; Check whether it is online after 10s of restart; Check whether the communication line between the experimental machine and the computer is connected normally; Check the USB hardware drive in the equipment manager for normal building, natural gas and hydrogen storage tanks, marine and automotive applications

The report of the

day meeting will cover market opportunities, new technologies and production processes to rationalize production and reduce costs. The number of measurements in the actual tension machine calibration process is 3

in addition, two preparatory meetings will be held on the 7th to focus on market development and technology

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