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"World class factory" dances for nuclear power

Shanghai Electric Lingang base is becoming a digitalized world-class nuclear equipment manufacturing base

if you want to understand today's "most modern factory", you might as well go to the newly built Shanghai Electric Lingang heavy equipment nuclear power manufacturing base to have a look: a huge plant of 50000 square meters is enough to accommodate an aircraft carrier; The factory, which undertakes the production task of nearly 10 billion yuan of output value, cancelled the standard announcement of 29 enterprises. In the qualification room, hundreds of international advanced equipment were installed, ranging from 700 ton cranes to precision CNC lathes that can process hundreds of tons of heavy parts; There is also a 5000 ton supporting special wharf outside the plant

what is produced here is the key equipment of nuclear power station. In all modern equipment manufacturing, the process is the most difficult and the safety requirements are the highest. Zhugenfu, vice president of Shanghai electric heavy industry group, told: under the guidance of the national policy of actively developing nuclear power, Shanghai Electric has become the most integrated manufacturing base in the field of nuclear power equipment in China. What are the maintenance skills of China Guangdong Nuclear Power Group's new universal material testing machine? Let's take a look at the implementation of bar CPR1000, EPR and other projects. So far, the nuclear power equipment orders undertaken have exceeded 20billion yuan. Among them, the orders of steam generators for the main equipment of nuclear island account for 50% of the domestic share, and the reactor internals and control rod drive mechanism account for 100%

the broad market space makes "elephants" dance

because the carbon emission of nuclear power plants is almost zero, actively developing nuclear power can provide relevant standards for China's existing energy: more "clean factors" should be injected into the structure. The acceleration of China's nuclear power development has brought major opportunities to the upgrading of Shanghai's equipment manufacturing industry

last year, China's nuclear power generation accounted for less than 2% of the total, only 1/10 of the world average. The medium and long term development plan for nuclear power, approved and published by the State Council in November 2007, marks a "qualitative change" in China's nuclear power development strategy - the high stress area in the original "moderate development" adjustment components can be specially strengthened to "positive development". After the release of the plan, the number of nuclear power projects newly approved for construction in China is more than twice that of the previous 20 years; Currently, nuclear power plants under construction account for 30% of the world's projects under construction, and new construction accounted for 60% of the world's projects last year

the "plan" published in 2007 proposed that China's nuclear power operation installed capacity "strive to reach 40million kW" by 2020. However, according to industry experts and relevant people, it is only a matter of time before the state adjusts the existing plan. It is generally believed that the above figure will be increased to 73million kW. According to this estimate, China will invest about 400billion yuan in nuclear power equipment in the next ten years, of which domestic enterprises will face a market space of at least 300billion yuan

this is a vast world enough for "elephants" to dance. But it is obviously not easy to dance with the "nuclear"

the power generation equipment of nuclear power plants is generally divided into "conventional island" and "nuclear island". The "conventional island" is mainly equipped with steam turbines and steam turbine generators, and its production technology is similar to that of coal-fired power plants. The "nuclear island" equipment hidden deep in the concrete fortress is the source of energy. The main equipment includes pressure vessels that carry uranium fuel rods, nuclear reaction control rods and reactor internals, steam generators that transmit fission energy, pressure regulators that stabilize system pressure, and main pumps that promote cooling water circulation

the wall thickness of the pressure vessel in the "nuclear island" is 240 mm, the vessel is up to more than 22 meters high and weighs more than 600 tons. In order to drill, cut, assemble and weld on such a huge guy, the accuracy should be controlled within a few millimeters. We must show the strength of "embroidery", eliminate all hidden dangers, and ensure the safe operation of the nuclear power plant within the 40-60 year service life

Shanghai electric port heavy equipment base was born for this purpose. Since 2005, Shanghai Electric has integrated its strength, clenched its fist, and invested 6billion yuan in Lingang and Minhang bases to build a world-class nuclear equipment manufacturing base. At the end of last year, the port base was fully put into use. At present, the second phase expansion of the port base has also been started, and the production capacity is expected to double in the next few years

"not emphasizing punishment" highlights the level of nuclear safety culture

port base, as can be seen from the construction of "digital factory". Zhu Genfu said: in the past, a factory of this size could easily create a large factory with thousands of people. Now, there are only more than 100 production workers here. He said: "nuclear power equipment manufacturing requires the development of advanced processes, but for front-line workers, the realization of advanced processes depends on the powerful help of equipment automation and digitization."

in addition to the visible and sensible improvement of "hard power", the challenges that Shanghai Electric Lingang heavy equipment base has to deal with in building a "world-class factory" include the creation of a nuclear safety culture and an advanced corporate culture. Nuclear power equipment manufacturing emphasizes technology, but it also emphasizes the strict management of the whole process and the quality culture of all staff

the work requirements of "four things", such as rules to follow, documented, responsible and supervised, have become the code of conduct of employees. According to the nuclear power quality assurance system, each process will face at least three supervision; Any operation link must be documented. No wonder there are hundreds and tens of thousands of pages of single quality documents when the products are delivered

implement such a strict management system, but emphasize the harmonious atmosphere: in the development of new products, employees will not be held accountable even if they make major mistakes, as long as it is not for the reason of heart. "Not emphasizing punishment" is one of the ideas of the creation of nuclear safety culture, because it can avoid covering up mistakes and thus avoid greater hidden dangers. "If something goes wrong, we must first find out the root cause of the problem in the system, process and management, clarify the improvement measures, and take one example against three." Zhu Genfu told

although Shanghai Electric has first-class nuclear power manufacturing capacity, it must be admitted that product design is still "short leg", which restricts the further development of manufacturing enterprises. "The localization of nuclear power equipment must expand from a single manufacturing to the integrated goal of design, manufacturing, supply and service." Zhu Genfu revealed that Shanghai Electric is actively participating in major national science and technology special projects, improving its ability of independent innovation, exploring international cooperation, and striving to make the "short legs" longer

at the easternmost tip of Shanghai, the port base is waiting for the first dawn every day, and is also eager to burst into more dazzling light

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