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Henan metro construction equipment lighting wholesale

Henan metro construction equipment lighting wholesale

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Henan metro construction equipment lighting wholesale

ignite standard lamps and tested lamps in the integrating sphere in turn, and record their readings in the photoelectric converter as es and ED respectively. Standard lamp luminous flux is known φ s. Then the luminous flux of the tested lamp. The integral method uses the principle of "point light source" such as inhaling products, which is simple to operate, but the measurement error is large due to the color temperature deviation between the standard lamp and the lamp to be measured. Electrical parameters mainly include forward voltage, reverse voltage and reverse current, which are related to the normal operation of LED lamps, and are one of the basis for judging the basic performance of LED lamps. Heat conduction only solves the way of heat transfer, while heat convection is the main function of the radiator. The heat dissipation performance is mainly determined by the heat dissipation area, shape and natural convection strength, and heat radiation is only an auxiliary function. With the enhancement of people's awareness of environmental protection, the lighting source in home life is gradually replaced by LED. LED is a semiconductor solid-state light-emitting device, which has the characteristics of environmental protection, long service life, small size, energy saving and so on. It is called green light source by people. LED is the light-emitting diode, which uses the solid semiconductor chip as the light-emitting material and emits excess energy through carrier recombination in the semiconductor to cause photon emission. LED lighting products are lighting lamps manufactured by using LED as the light source. The application of semiconductor materials in the field of lighting technology is mainly led lighting technology. LED is a rapidly rising semiconductor light-emitting device in recent years

Henan LED includes different types such as large wattage and small wattage, and different projects have different requirements for light color. These are important elements that determine the content of the design scheme and the final landscape effect. The designer shall make appropriate and reasonable settings according to the needs. During the construction, the signal line, power line and other facilities must be carried out in strict accordance with the regulations. 4. Test steps: laying to ensure the normal and safe use in the later period. You can directly control the local lights according to your usual habits; According to your needs, the switch can set the required control objects arbitrarily. For example, the button in the lobby can be used to turn off all lights; In this way, when you leave home, you can turn off all lights with one click, which is energy-saving, safe and convenient. Use various ways to manage the lighting control system, touch screen, network, PDA, so that users can use the most convenient method at any time. The terminal in any place can control the lights in different places. Traditional lighting, such as fluorescent lamps, will pollute the environment when it is treated in the landfill because it contains harmful chemical mercury. LED lamps are also 100% recyclable, which can reduce your "carbon footprint" in the biosphere. The life cycle of an LED bulb can reduce the material and manufacturing consumption of about 25 incandescent bulbs. This is a big step in environmental protection

wholesale of lighting fixtures for Henan metro construction equipment as far as LED lighting fixtures are concerned, within the limited volume, the LED modules are placed very close to the power supply, the heat emitted by the LED during operation is very high, and some power supply components are very sensitive to heat. If the heat dissipation design of the lamps is unreasonable, or the quality of the components is not up to standard, the damage of the power supply module in use will be very frequent. The most direct manifestation of power module damage is that the lamp cannot be powered on or suddenly turns off during use. The pursuit of more environment-friendly and safe LED lighting has become the mainstream trend in today's lighting market. Traditional lamps and lanterns mostly use aluminum alloy heat dissipation components, with low safety performance. The heat conducting plastic is light, easy to make and changeable in appearance, which makes it more environmentally safe. However, at this stage, the production cost of thermal conductive plastics is still relatively high, and the production process is not mature enough, so it is unable to promote the application. However, it can be predicted that when the thermal conductive plastics are produced on a large scale, their comprehensive performance advantages will inevitably be revealed. They will completely replace the traditional aluminum materials and become the first choice for the heat dissipation components of LED general lighting fixtures. At present, one of the most difficult technical problems in the operation of the LED lighting fitting gold testing machine is the heat dissipation problem. The poor heat dissipation leads to the LED driving power supply and electrolytic capacitor becoming the short board for the further development of the LED lighting fitting, and the reason for the premature aging of the LED light source

led is not as good as diamond. It also has unstable performance due to color temperature, water resistance and heat dissipation. Therefore, if it is not used properly, light failure will also occur, and the user should be clear about this. Energy saving: in fact, it is needless to say. We all know this, but we may have misunderstandings. Usually, we say that the lighting intensity of 1 liter of water and 1 watt is not applicable to LED

the current LED lamps and lanterns adopt the lamp bead modular technology. Through integrated packaging, multiple LED point light sources or LED modules can be combined according to a certain number and shape to meet the power and type requirements of different lamps and lanterns. However, due to unreasonable design of heat dissipation structure or defects in the manufacturing process of lamp bead modules, some or all of the lamp bead modules will be burned after a period of use. There is a comparison between normal and damaged lamp bead modules. The most direct manifestation of lamp bead module damage is that the illuminance drops significantly, the light spot has obvious dark lines, or the lamp is not bright at all. The traditional fluorescent lamp uses alternating current, so it will produce 100-120 strobes per second. LED lamp adopts LED constant current operation, which is to directly convert AC to DC, effectively reduce LED light failure, start quickly, no flicker, and protect eyes. The LED lamp tube will not produce ultraviolet, infrared and other radiation, does not contain mercury and other harmful substances, and has less heat. Therefore, there will not be many mosquitoes around the lamp source like traditional lamps. The interior will become cleaner and cleaner. In addition, special attention should be paid to the relationship between color temperature and illumination. Generally, the color temperature and illumination should be in a positive proportion, that is, LED high illumination, high color temperature, and vice versa

with the change of competition pattern, LED production capacity is gradually transferred from the United States, Japan and the European Union to Chinese Mainland, Taiwan, China and South Korea. The speed of industrial integration has been significantly accelerated, the industrial concentration has gradually increased, and the industry leaders with core technology advantages have grown rapidly. Since most lamps and lanterns emit white light, some owners will wonder when choosing lamps: why do some ceiling lamps look brighter, some darker, some white, some purple or blue? This is because the light effect of the light source is not used, and the color temperature is different

for some LED lamps that compress the two force arms and actively dissipate heat by the fan, the normal operation of the fan is the basis for its long-term stable operation. The author often finds that the damage of LED lamp beads or power modules is caused by the damage of their fans after a period of use, or the reduction of heat dissipation capacity can not meet the design heat dissipation standards. Heat dissipation design of high-power LED lighting fixtures the heat dissipation design of high-power LED is mainly to prevent the LED chip from overheating and causing safety problems. The heat dissipation design of high-power LED mainly includes the heat dissipation channel design of the chip interior, packaging, tube shell and radiator. The chip distributes the surface temperature evenly through a reasonable layout. The packaging thermal design is mainly through the scientific selection of packaging materials to maximize the reduction of material thermal resistance and reduce the impact of thermal stress on the chip performance. Both the tube shell and the radiator should be designed according to the heat dissipation requirements of high-power LED. Because the traditional LED lamp driving power supply adopts three-stage structure, both PFC and switch constant current will have efficiency loss. Under the condition of 220V input, the overall efficiency is 88%. The efficiency determines the luminous efficiency (lm/w) and temperature rise. The lower efficiency increases the temperature rise of the driving power supply itself and reduces the service life and reliability of the system

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