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Help indoor and outdoor coatings, highlight a balanced and sustainable lifestyle

help indoor and outdoor coatings, highlight a balanced and sustainable lifestyle

April 15, 2019

help indoor and outdoor coatings, highlight a balanced and sustainable lifestyle

· improve the ease of use of bactericide free coatings, make indoor coatings pass the Blueangel environmental protection certification

· use new 100% renewable materials, It also provides good scratch resistance for soft tactile wood coatings

· it is used for powder coatings, does not contain PTFE sanding agent, and is suitable for fashionable metal garden furniture, gates and railings

mundenz, Switzerland/Shanghai, China, April 9, 2019 - Clariant, a dedicated and innovative specialty chemical company, recently announced the launch of a new and unique paint and coating solution for indoor and outdoor furniture, which is a balanced Make a positive contribution to a sustainable lifestyle

the concept of lagom from Sweden (meaning: no more and no less, which is connected with the golden mean of domestic Confucianism) is becoming popular all over the world. Many consumers hope to incorporate the comfort, simplicity and rationality it represents into their home environment and material selection. At the European coatings show 2019, Clariant introduced sustainable coating ingredients to the industry, enabling manufacturers to easily coordinate product development with this purer lifestyle trend

the news that Clariant has made significant progress in interior coating has made consumers and coating manufacturers more relaxed. Consumers increasingly prefer to use non fungicide wall coatings (also known as organosilicate coatings), which can create a healthier indoor environment. Compared with dispersed coatings, the "air permeability" (steam permeability) of such coatings is a major advantage, but it is not easy to stir and apply, which weakens its appeal

Klein's new additive dispersogen ® SP plus has raised the innovation of fungicide free coatings to a new level. At present, it has achieved the same ease of use as dispersed coatings. At the same time, this non hazardous label No volatile organic compounds (Wobbe said: "we hope to enter the field of more specialized production devices and system integration. The 2-in-1 additive of VOC/semi volatile organic compounds (SVOC) 1 also benefits formulators, which means that the formula requires fewer ingredients and has lower complexity. 1. The development status at home and abroad. In addition, Blueangel in Germany The environmental protection certification has clearly stipulated that the interior wall coating shall not contain fungicides. This product of Clariant can help customers create products that are easy to use and comply with this strict ecological label, which is also an important factor in the purchase decision

indoors, if the gas and moisture transmittance of the food packaging film can be reduced, and the material has enough plasticity, wood is the preferred material for home decoration. Clariant has specially introduced an ideal additive for paint manufacturers, which can strengthen and protect the natural texture of wood. New ceridust ® 1060 TP is an innovative 100% renewable natural wax additive for interior wood coatings such as furniture, floors, window frames and beams. This 100% renewable additive provides the paint with proper smoothness, skid resistance, soft touch and high scratch resistance. Importantly, this additive does not come from food resources. Formulators will also benefit from its ease of dispersion

powder coatings for metal furniture will also benefit. The excellent sustainability and high performance of ceridust1060 TP can bring good performance to powder coating, which can be used for colored metal furniture or workbench, etc. This additive can be used for low temperature curing powder coatings, so that this production process can save energy and obtain good surface effect. Its renewable ingredients endow the materials with exquisite texture, and can help manufacturers produce paint products with thick colors, which is in line with the current interior design trend

outdoor space should not be neglected. Consumers tend to integrate interior design trends into gardens and courtyards. The popular trend in 2019 is the natural reality and retro beauty of metal furniture, gates, railings and screens. Clariant's innovative wax powder license without polytetrafluoroethylene (PTFE) for textured powder coatings ® PE Ma 4351 can help paint manufacturers to produce texture protective coatings similar to traditional PTFE, and even create new surface structures more freely to create a "warm" environment in depth

carmenwong, senior surface solutions director of coating and ink department, said: "Clariant is pleased to be at the forefront of the industry, support the coating industry, meet emerging consumer preferences, and create more value for them through innovation. Whether it is in simplifying formulas, reducing complexity and improving coating quality, or helping customers' products obtain eco label certification, our innovative products launched at the 2019 European coatings show emphasize more the sustainability of our products to consumers and formulators So that paints and coatings can make a positive contribution to a healthier indoor and outdoor life in the future. "

Clariant shows a new solution to the coating industry through virtual reality environment

the new dispersogen SP plus coating additive launched by Clariant can improve the viscosity stability of organic silicate coatings without fungicides

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