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Heli forklift upgrades its big data processing capacity to create business value

Heli forklift upgrades its big data processing capacity to become the world's largest and powerful country in automotive aluminum research, development, production and use, creating business value

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under the background of big data, manufacturing enterprises are facing the challenge of data explosion. Anhui Heli Co., Ltd. (hereinafter referred to as "Heli forklift") is facing a problem

as China's current industrial vehicle R & D, manufacturing and export base with large scale, complete industrial chain, and good comprehensive strength and economic benefits, the production and sales scale of Heli forklift truck exceeded 80000 units in 2013, and the consolidated operating income increased by nearly 10%

with the rapid development of business, the data volume of Heli forklift has increased sharply, the data volume of sap and ERP systems operated by the company has increased by about 10% every month, and the capacity of main storage equipment is insufficient

what is more urgent is that the disk busy rate of the database host is too high, which has seriously affected the query speed and generation time of the report, and hindered the work efficiency. For example, the monthly settlement time has increased from a few hours when it was initially launched to more than ten hours, or even dozens of hours. The existing storage system environment needs to be upgraded

for this reason, heli forklift chose IBM's software defined flash memory solution to improve the application performance of the software system, shorten the report query and generation time, improve the reliability of the system, improve the utilization of storage resources, reduce costs, and turn the pressure caused by data explosion into a driving force for innovation

wanghongyu, deputy director of Heli forklift Information Technology Research Institute, said in an interview with China industry news that information technology is an important support for Heli forklift technology innovation and management innovation. We jointly selected IBM's leading software definition flash technology to improve the performance of key business systems and make big data available to us

in the final analysis, under the background of big data, which makes it an ideal brake pad material, enterprises are facing the dual pressure of data explosion and business transformation using new technologies. More and more enterprises realize the unique value that the leading IT infrastructure brings to enterprise business

guorensheng, vice president of IBM and general manager of Greater China of the system and Technology Department, told that in the storage field, IBM is committed to providing enterprises with storage solutions to meet big data challenges through software defined storage, flash memory and storage virtualization, improving their ability to gain big data insight and creating business value

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