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On April 19, at the World Packaging Conference and "world star" award ceremony held in Beijing, the packaging design work "1680 Maotai" selected by Wang Weifeng and Enron of Henan Weifeng advertising design planning company won the highest award. 2.5 monitoring the experimental process: real-time display of experimental force, displacement, curve and other parameters in the experimental process, This is the only work in Henan province that won this award in 2005

"world star" packaging design award is the most authoritative and highest award in the packaging industry today, and has been widely recognized and supported by the high-performance materials and special industry departments in the packaging industry all over the world. Every year, the World Packaging Organization (WPO) selects outstanding works that adapt to the trend of the times and can represent the development direction of packaging design in the world. Henan Province won the highest award of "world star", which proved that the packaging design of Henan Province has reached a new level

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