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Help Beifu, the future smart factory, show the industry 4.0 model at the Industrial Expo

in the industry, the hottest topic at present is undoubtedly the concept of industry 4.0. Industry 4.0, proposed by the German government, is called a new round of industrial revolution led by intelligent manufacturing by the industry. The core of industry 4.0 can be summarized into three aspects: digitalization, informatization and intelligence. At the 2014 China International Industry Expo, digitalization, informatization and intelligence were also topics of great concern. Many enterprises demonstrated their leading technologies and solutions in these three directions. Beckhoff, Germany, was one of them. Its industrial 4.0 model depicted the scene of the future smart factory, which attracted wide attention

According to yangyumin, technical support engineer of Beifu at the exhibition booth of Beifu Industrial Expo, Beifu has a strong product lineup, including industrial PC, i/o, motion control and automation software, such as universal multi touch panel, multi touch high-end Panel PC, medium performance controller with multi-core processor, EtherCAT terminal box with IP 67 Control and drive products such as servo systems suitable for narrow installation space, as well as solutions suitable for the industry. How should our industrial PC and Fieldbus testing machine be installed? Modules, drive products and TwinCAT automation software constitute a complete and mutually compatible control system, which can provide open automation systems and complete solutions for various industrial control fields

Beifu technical support engineer yangyumin

Beifu has always taken the new PC based automation technology as the company's development concept. Therefore, TwinCAT automation software has become its business core. TwinCAT software system can convert any PC based system into a real-time control system with multiple PLC, NC, CNC and robot real-time operating systems. At present, the software has been developed to TwinCAT 3. Customers can use TwinCAT 3 to achieve efficient engineering. Yang Yumin said that by integrating into the well-known software production and maintenance tool visual studio, TwinCAT 3 provides a general solution for PLC, c++, matlab/simulink, i/o and motion control. Visual PLC HMI based on PLC and PLC HMI web with good reputation of the company are integrated into visual studio as a new project, and efficient project development can be realized through such interfaces as automation interface and TwinCAT ECAD import tools

solutions presented by Beifu

the audience is making the capacity of Beifu's new products even more redundant.

in addition to the TwinCAT 3 demonstration, the intelligent workshop model architecture in the industry 4.0 exhibition area is of particular concern. This model of Beifu shows the basic technologies that can be provided at present to realize the relevant functions and services of industry 4.0 in the future. Beifu's technology covers all sub processes of the smart workshop, such as maintaining communication between sensors and cloud computers, or realizing M2M communication through IOT

demonstration of model architecture of Beifu intelligent workshop

in addition, Beifu also demonstrated the integration of robot technology and innovation driven technology. The integrated measurement technology and condition monitoring function of Beifu system can improve the reliability of machine process, and realize sustainable production through power monitoring and energy management

smart factory is the future trend. In the process of implementing industry 4.0, Beifu's PC based control technology provides an ideal choice for these schemes. In fact, more and more users now integrate Beifu's controllers into their production systems, let these controllers communicate with the database, and conduct remote maintenance through interconnection, or provide cloud computer based services

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