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Henan plastic woven bags and color printing project have been put on record information category: project dynamics industry: energy and chemical industry, light industry, textile and food region: Henan details:

(3) connect each oil pipe with a suitable wrench at the end of August, 2006, Zhumadian Municipal Development and Reform Commission agreed that Zhumadian branch of Henan Marco Polo Industrial Co., Ltd. has an annual output of 120000 tons of compound microbial fertilizer, 80million plastic woven bags and color printing projects for filing

the project covers an area of 200 mu. The excellent microbial strains cultivated by Shenzhen jinshengfang Technology Co., Ltd. are used for propagation and fermentation, reducing the use of chemical fertilizers by 50% and increasing the output of agricultural products by 30%. The total investment of the project is 22million yuan, including 150million yuan raised by the enterprise and 50million yuan loaned by domestic banks. The switch is turned on; His capital is 20million yuan (source: shareholder financing)

then you can write down the value instigated by the pointer at this time

information source: China procurement and bidding

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