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The development momentum of integrated ceiling is good, and it has grown rapidly in a few years of development. Bid farewell to the traditional ceiling, and the emergence of integrated ceiling makes the ceiling industry like a spring breeze. With the full use of integrated ceiling, the ceiling industry has entered a new era with a confident attitude. In many ways, the emergence of integrated ceiling is the product of market evolution. However, integrated ceiling has always been a product of high-end market. How to face ordinary consumers is what the top ten brand ranking enterprises of integrated ceiling should consider

integrated ceiling needs industry norms

for a long time, the integrated ceiling industry has been criticized for its lack of norms, and is considered to be the tense reason for the formation of an industry without threshold, leading to market disorder

on March 31, 2011, the first meeting of the Preparatory Committee of the composite ceiling branch of the China Association of construction and decoration materials and the kick-off meeting of the first national industry standard "integrated ceiling for construction" kicked off in Beijing century state construction hotel. The comments and debates at the meeting went through & 8220; Composite ceiling branch of China Association of building decoration materials &8221; Handling measures, access specifications for integrated ceiling enterprises, identification and handling methods for Enterprises above the scope, access specifications for integrated ceiling enterprises, identification and handling methods for Enterprises above the scope, industry initiatives, patent maintenance methods, industry self-discipline treaties and other events

so far, the formulation of integrated ceiling industry specifications has been officially included in the agenda

AIA, Baolan, Demeng and other famous integrated ceiling brand enterprises were invited to the scene to do things for the style of "integrated ceiling for construction". Some media said that most of the enterprises participating in the compilation of this industry specification are Zhejiang enterprises, which is more like the specification of Zhejiang integrated ceiling ranking list

during the purchase restriction period, the construction of affordable housing has become a blessing for the entire pan household industry, including the integrated ceiling industry. Premier Wen Jiabao said that China plans to build 36million new guaranteed housing units in the next five years, with a housing coverage rate of 20%. At the second plenary session of the 23rd Meeting of the Standing Committee of the eleventh world people's Congress held not long ago, Jiang Weixin, Minister of housing and urban rural development, made it clear that &8220; The 12th Five Year Plan &8221; During the period, affordable housing will focus on public rental housing, especially in large and medium-sized cities with large population inflow, and the proportion of public rental housing construction will be greatly increased

industry experts estimate that the affordable housing project is expected to supply the integrated ceiling industry with a market of nearly 10 billion yuan per year, making the market space of the ceiling industry unprecedented

from the current real estate situation and the integrated ceiling market around, 2012 is undoubtedly the most important year for the ceiling industry. In this year, it may be decided whether the manufacturer of integrated ceiling will stay or not. Then, whether they are eliminated by the waves or become the mainstay and backbone of the industry depends on whether the brand manufacturers can recruit enough allies to support the brand development in 2012&# 8212; Franchisee




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