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Switches are household goods used by every family. When selecting switches, we should not only pay attention to buying well-known brands, but also choose products with good performance and appearance. However, Siemens switches is one of them. Siemens switches is an internationally renowned electrical brand, and it is also the most trusted product by consumers. Siemens switch integrates art and practicality. Its unique Aerospace streamlined appearance design originates from the German design concept, which is beautiful and elegant

Siemens switch has a perfect anti-counterfeiting system, and all products have a unique 20 digit anti-counterfeiting code as the only identification. This anti-counterfeiting code is unique, discontinuous and not repeated. The security code of each product can only be queried once! To ensure your legitimate rights and interests, open the package after purchase, scrape off the anti-counterfeiting coating and check the anti-counterfeiting code on the bracket of the new product. Next, the editor will introduce the characteristics of Siemens switches and the authenticity identification of Siemens switches

Siemens switch product features

1. The design function of the product itself makes the electrical performance better, takes up less space, and leaves enough cable space in the installation low box, making the installation easier, with convenient boundaries, environmental protection, and less material consumption

2. The integral core metal parts of the product are stamped into a line at one time with leading technology, which abandons the traditional way of rivet installation and is safer and more energy-saving

3. The product contains a unique Siemens patented circuit breaker wiring terminal, which can ensure that the wiring compaction effect is no less than the screw wiring method, so that the pressing wire does not hurt the wire, and can also compress the painless exposed wire at the same time. The product itself has a super large wiring hole, which is convenient for operation

4. The base is made of all PC by injection molding. It is exquisite, smooth and complete, without flash and burr. The product mark on the base is clear, and the power wire indication is clear. It is beautiful, corrosion-resistant, torque resistant, shear stress resistant, and has a longer service life

5. The product has a closed arc extinguishing switch design. Its interceptor is made of the best copper alloy, with better quality and thickness of 0.8mm. It also selects silver alloy contacts with a diameter of 3mm to optimize the internal organization

6. The main body of Siemens' electronic products complies with the requirements of RoHS directive, is safe and environmentally friendly, and is at the leading level in the industry. The optimized electronic product lines have safer and more reliable performance, significantly improved anti overload and anti surge capabilities, and stronger receiving signals

authentication of Siemens switches

1. Generally speaking, Siemens switches are double anti-counterfeit. If the Siemens products you buy are not double anti-counterfeit, it is likely to be fake. Of course, double anti-counterfeiting products do not mean that it is true

2. The material used by Siemens switches is PC material, which has a very shiny surface. If the surface of the product you buy is irrelevant, it is likely to be replaced by other materials, which belongs to the category of fake goods

3. Many people think that brand products must be very good-looking, which is a wrong view. The appearance of the authentic Siemens switch is very ugly, because the structure it adopts is similar to the 4.0 series developed by TCL in 1997, and the appearance is also evolved from this structure, so it has no advantage in terms of external light. Of course, the fake products will decorate it beautifully. Therefore, if the product you buy is very beautiful, it is likely to be a fake

4. The genuine Siemens switch has a black base, while the fake Siemens switch is generally transparent. Of course, it also has black, but if you smell it, you will find a pungent odor emerging

5. The copper strip of the socket itself is also an important position for identification. Authentic copper is an exception to ensure consistent color, which can be checked when cutting with a blade. Because the phosphorous copper is used, and the fake is brass, there is a color difference between the inside and outside

6. In addition, the shell opening of the switch panel is also the focus of the inspection. If the two diagonal corners are combined together and intact, it is the real goods. If it is broken, it is the fake goods

Siemens switch purchase

1. Look at the appearance

the panel of high-quality switches and sockets should be made of high-grade plastic products, which looks uniform in material, smooth and textured on the surface. The panel material is PC material (bulletproof glue) imported from general motors of the United States. Its flame retardancy, insulation and impact resistance are very excellent, and the material is stable and not easy to change color. Switches and sockets made of such materials can greatly reduce the occurrence of fires caused by circuit reasons

2. Look at the internal structure

as for switches, pure silver contacts and conductive sheets made of silver copper composite materials should usually be used, so as to prevent oxidation caused by arc during opening and closing. The conductive bridge of high-quality panel adopts silver nickel copper composite material. The silver material has excellent conductivity, while the silver nickel alloy has a very strong ability to suppress the arc. The switch adopts brass screw crimping, with large and good contact surface, strong crimping ability and stable and reliable wiring. Single hole copper terminal, with large wiring capacity, is not limited by the wire diameter

3. Safety

the safety protection door of the socket is essential. When selecting the socket, you should try to choose the product with the protection door. Secondly, check the fastening degree of the socket clip, and the stable insertion force is a key factor. At the same time, strong extrusion makes the plug not easy to fall off, effectively reducing the occurrence of non-human power failure accidents. At the same time, the socket clip adopts high-quality tin phosphor bronze, which has good conductivity and strong fatigue resistance, ensuring that the number of socket plugging and unplugging reaches 10000 times (the national standard is 5000 times)

editor's summary: that's all about the features of Siemens switches and the identification of the authenticity of Siemens switches. I hope it will be helpful to you. If you want to know more about it, you can pay attention to the information




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