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When many people were young, they lived in old houses. On summer nights, they fanned in the courtyard to enjoy the cool. Listening to the old people talk about the Three Kingdoms and the water margin, it seems that the Chinese courtyard is everyone's dream residence

many people lived in old houses when they were young

fan in the courtyard to enjoy the cool on summer nights

listen to the old man talk about the Three Kingdoms and the water margin

it seems that the Chinese courtyard is everyone's dream residence

it puts the Chinese people's unique implicit, introverted Aestheticism

and too many beautiful yearnings are integrated into it

you can feel in the yard

"there are flowers in spring, there are months in autumn, there is cool wind in summer, and there is snow in winter"

you can put down your posture

listen to birds in your spare time

walk along the path between flowers in spring

with the development of modern civilization

have a courtyard

return to nature and ID

make tea and read, Lying and listening to the wind and rain

seems to have become a pursuit

small bridges, flowing water, flowers and fish,

separated by a wall,

everything in the secular world,

is floating clouds here

the water surface of a small pool,

the sound of dripping water,

will remind people of many thoughts

a courtyard door

how many people's hearts have been knocked open

square houses, square doors, square windows

cornices and corners, Light and lively

layers have a flexible charm

light penetrates through carved doors and windows

the interweaving of light and shadow

can always give people a hazy sense of unreality

a yard

there are as many windows as there are hidden scenes

there are as many shaped windows

there are as many flexible beauty

in the grandma's home of sister Shi when she was a child

there is always a rattan chair in the yard

grandma likes to sit in the yard on a sunny afternoon

The rattan chair under the banyan tree is sitting quietly, fanning the sunflower fan and humming a minor tune

I want to live a happy life roughly like this

I am not surprised to see the flowers blooming and falling in front of the court

I have no intention of staying or leaving, looking at the clouds in the sky

the courtyard houses too many yearnings and thoughts of people

looking at the summer flowers in the courtyard from the flower window, winter plum

feeling the cicadas chirping cool wind in the courtyard, and listening to the old man's earnest instructions

farewell to the hustle and bustle of the city, Enjoy life quietly

this is the persistence of sieneman doors and windows all the time

committed to protecting the happiness of every family with ingenuity

every child's precious child

provide professional home solutions for every family

care and protect quality life




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