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The restaurant is not only the main place to enjoy delicious food with family members, but also an important place to enhance feelings between each other, so attention should be paid to its decoration. However, due to the small size of the house, many owners feel it is not easy to build. In fact, as long as reasonable decoration and design, small family restaurants can also be unique. Next, I'd like to recommend the decoration effect pictures of Meimei's six small family restaurants for you to enjoy and have a look

decoration effect picture of small family restaurant I.

the whole restaurant adopts a warm tone, especially the Yellow streamlined dining chair, which makes the restaurant lively in an instant, and the hanging pictures on the wall also make the whole restaurant full of vitality and vitality

decoration effect drawing of small family restaurant II.

the following restaurant is decorated with simple light colors, coupled with some green plants and flowers, which will not be monotonous, but also make the restaurant appear clean and tidy. How about eating in such a restaurant

decoration effect picture of small family restaurant III.

Mediterranean blue characteristic chairs, together with exquisite chandeliers and colorful disc decoration on the wall, turn an ordinary corner into a fashionable restaurant in an instant. In such a white space, will dining be happy

decoration effect drawing of small family restaurant IV.

designing a dining chair fixed against the wall is one of the best tricks for small family restaurants. It not only saves space, but also can use the wall as the back of the dining chair, which is really very comfortable. In addition, the dining chair is decorated with black striped cloth, which is the favorite of young people at present, showing classic and fashion; Coupled with the freehand decorative paintings on the wall, the artistic style and small and fresh restaurant feeling are highlighted

decoration effect picture of small family restaurant v.

the simple wooden dining table and chairs look lively and interesting. Coupled with some red accessories, they add a little embellishment to the space of the restaurant. The lamp beside them emits a faint light source. Eating under the lamp in the evening must be an extraordinary mood

decoration effect picture of small family restaurant VI.

l-shaped card seat design is especially suitable for families with small restaurants and large populations. Proper crowding ignites the happy atmosphere of reunion. At the same time, neutral color also brings a comfortable feeling

Xiaobian conclusion: the above are the decoration renderings of the six small family restaurants recommended by Xiaobian. Is it amazing to you? If you like it, move it home, so that you and your family can share delicious food and chat about life in such a comfortable and beautiful restaurant





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