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Foshan bailima door and window Co., Ltd. (hereinafter referred to as "BLM bailima") was founded in 2000. After 18 years of development, it has become a high-end door and window enterprise integrating technology research and development, production, marketing and service

at present, there is a serious phenomenon of homogenization in the door and window market. Many door and window dealers say how good their brands are when they see customers. Shopping guides also constantly emphasize the uniqueness of their brands in the sales process. Other products can't compare with ours, and so on

but door and window brands can't be piled up with slogans, because consumers are more and more rational. Even if the same brand is operated by different operators in the same market, the results will certainly be different. Because the brand of doors and windows is like a seed, which requires careful cultivation by operators, so that it can thrive in the local area, form influence, and make efforts to receive goods

when an unfamiliar brand enters a market, the operator must first consider how to open the brand's popularity, so that more local consumers know the brand, and can think of it when it has demand. There are many channels for brand promotion, such as a promotional event, TV advertisements, anti-aircraft artillery, iconic events, and so on. The first thing to do is to be well-known in the industry. The second is to be well-known among consumers. It is to let others know your brand and that your brand has entered the market. In short, it is to be familiar

when your brand has a certain popularity in the local area, consumers will know that you are a window maker. Then the next thing to do is how to make consumers recognize your brand. Here we need to discuss from two aspects: hardware and software. Hardware is mainly the environment and products of exclusive stores. Software mainly refers to services and prices. Only when these two aspects are recognized by consumers can consumers have the impulse to buy. Now in the door and window market, the hardware is relatively easy to solve, that is, try to decorate your own shop a little higher, and the other is the software. At present, the software of the whole door and window industry is uneven, which is why some of the different operators of the same brand can operate well, but some can't

the ultimate goal of door and window dealers in brand management is to make common progress and sustainable development with manufacturers. Then the premise of sustainable development is to ask consumers to buy again or transfer introductions, recommend relatives and friends around them to buy, and become a brand volunteer propagandist with the honor of consuming the products of this brand. The operator who can do this well is the real wise man. Brand reputation is mainly reflected in the quality of products and services

every dealer is saying that they should do a good job in service. Few of them can really do a good job. Basically, they are mere formality without long-term accumulation and persistence. To do a good job in service, door and window operators must first establish a service system. After sales service is the basic, and the key lies in word-of-mouth service. Only your service has a good reputation in the eyes of consumers, can you occupy an advantage in the local market and continue to develop. Door and window dealers face end consumers directly, which is also the link that allows consumers to directly feel the brand culture. Whether the dealer's business concept and ideas are correct or not determines whether the door and window brand can open up the situation in the local market and quickly occupy the local door and window market

therefore, dealers must make corresponding preparations when choosing the brand management of doors and windows. Powerful dealers should focus on building brand awareness and reputation from the aspects of brand image, brand concept and corporate culture. Dealers with slightly weaker strength should spend more money on the research and development of functional products

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