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There is a saying among foreigners: running around with stars and moon is only for a window. Yes, everyone has a small home in his heart, but for various practical reasons, he can only squeeze into an unsatisfactory rental house, which reduces the quality of life. But can't rental houses have a new look? not! The old dining table and a bed that many people have slept in will become comfortable and warm after being decorated with skillful hands. As a landlord, what is the way to make the rental house glow and let the tenants fall in love at a glance? What are the decoration strategies for rental housing? Let's briefly introduce the decoration strategy of rental housing

decoration strategy of rental housing 1. Group purchase is the best policy

generally, the houses used for rent are mostly small houses, so we should pay special attention to a problem, that is, the size of the house is inversely proportional to the price invested per square meter of house decoration. The second factor is that although the house is small, it is full of courage and courage, and the process is the same. The energy invested by the management personnel is the same. For the decoration party, it is like chicken ribs without meat, and it is delicious to discard it. Therefore, when decorating small houses, try to contact the neighbors of the community as much as possible and decorate them together. Group packing is the best policy

decoration strategy of rental house 2. Simple decoration is better

if it is to rent the old house, it is suggested that there should not be too much action, and the effect of beautification should be achieved by changing the wall paint and curtains. In addition, the problems of slag discharge and handling in the community should also be fully considered

the cabinet in the rental room is not made, and the plate + labor + auxiliary materials are not very cost-effective. It is better to buy second-hand furniture, which is cheap, good and practical; If you want to squat, don't use the toilet, let alone the bathtub; Simple ceiling lamps are better than spotlights and lamp strips; The soft decoration is completely ignored and left to the tenant to decorate according to his preferences; Necessary household appliances such as air conditioners and washing machines should be added

decoration strategy of rental housing 3. Independence of rental housing

how to make full use of space in rental housing is the most headache for owners. They always hope to separate more rooms. This idea is understandable. But we must pay attention to the relative independence of the room and the independence of some public spaces, because you may not rent to two unknown customers. The idea of installing electricity meters separately in each room of the rental room is very good

decoration strategy of rental housing 4. Materials of partition wall

in order to maximize economic benefits, many landlords will make full use of the space resources of the house and use the partition wall design to divide it into multiple rooms for rent. The first is the choice of partition location. Partition walls can not be designed in all places. The decoration of rental houses should be determined according to the specific room type, the bearing capacity of the floor and the positioning of customer groups, and pay attention to rationality and scientificity. The relative independence of the room and the independence of the public area should also be considered when arranging the partition wall. Too crowded houses will cause great inconvenience to tenants, which is not conducive to renting. The second is the choice of partition materials. If the house is rented for a long time, the landlord should fully consider the differences of tenants, sound insulation effect and future maintenance and other factors, and can choose light bricks as partition materials when the floor load allows, rather than gypsum board

decoration strategy of rental housing 5. The ground and wall materials should be durable

the choice of main materials. The whole ground should not consider the wooden floor, but use vitrified bricks. If the laminate floor is rented, the low price will not be used for a few years, and the high input-output ratio of laminate is not cost-effective. Wall tiles don't need to be used too well, but the ground should be used better. Poor bricks have poor anti-skid performance. The ceiling of kitchen and bathroom should use aluminum buckle, even if it is poor, it is better than plastic steel buckle

strategies for decoration of rental houses 6. Hydropower projects cannot be saved

hydropower cannot be saved. Considering that the use function of the room varies with the personnel, so if you can have more sockets, try to have more. The switch panel should also be used better. The lamp can be cheaper, but the light source is not cheap. It's not too good to paint the wall. After all, the house is for rent, so it's more likely to be dirty and scratched. It's OK to brush it again in the future, and it won't cost much, but the putty base can't be bad

decoration strategy of rental housing 7. Selection of furniture

furniture is an important factor for rental housing to attract tenants. If the selected furniture is not good or useless, it will greatly affect the success rate of rental housing. Although many brand furniture are durable and beautiful, they are expensive and generally not suitable for rent. Considering the tenant's salary and pursuit of quality of life, the decoration of the rental house should choose strong, durable and cheap furniture, such as wardrobe, bedding, washing machine and sanitary ware, so as to save a lot of expenses. Although it is not necessary to buy brands of rental furniture, there should also be a certain quality assurance

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