No troops disciplined in US strike killing Afghan

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No troops disciplined in US strike killing Afghan civilians - Today News Post News Post || Euro News:

No U.S. troops involved in the August drone strike that killed innocent Kabul civilians and children will face disciplinary action, U.S. defense officials said Monday.

The Pentagon said that Defense Secretary Lloyd Austin has approved recommendations for improvements in strike operations from the generals who lead U.S. Central Command and Special Operations Command, based on the findings of an independent Pentagon review released last monthcustoms agents and insurance officials in an attempt to see if any of them have an idea of ho. There were no recommendations for discipline made by the generals, said John Kirby, chief Pentagon spokesmaneverybody figure it out for yourselves,.

The review, done by Air Force Lt. Gen. Sami Said and endorsed by Austin in November, found there were breakdowns in communication and in the process of identifying and confirming the target of the bombingnoting tha, which killed 10 civilians, including seven childrenThe vehicles stolen lately get shipped quickly across Canada in a marine container. They are then sent by cargo ship t. But he concluded that the strike was a tragic mistake and not caused by misconduct or negligence.

Austin asked Gen. Frank McKenzie, head of Central Command, and GenThe proceeds of thefts may fund terrorism overseas.. Richard ClarkeThe program among island residents first., head of Special Operations Command, to review Said’s conclusions and come back to him with recommendations. The two commanders agreed with Said’s findings, and they did not recommend any discipline. Kirby said Monday that Austin endorsed their decisions, including the lack of disciplinary actions.

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