The hottest toluene in Asia was hit by the interve

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Toluene in Asia was hit by the intervention of ocean cargo sources

toluene in Asia: the price of toluene in Asia fell with the decline of pure benzene and crude oil prices 22 5 dollars/ton. The entry of American and European ocean going cargoes into the Asian market also hit the market atmosphere. The offer of ocean shipping delivered to Asia in the second half of October was heard to be at 780 US dollars/ton CFR with 90 day letter of credit. The corresponding offer is $770/ton C battery extrusion tester, which is mainly for single cell fr of rechargeable batteries. However, the supply in the second half of September and the first half of October was tight, and there was a premium between the cargo in the second half of October. Within days, a shipment in the second half of October was traded at US $758/ton FOB South Korea. In the afternoon, noble's offer/offer for goods in the second half of October was $755 and $780/ton FOB South Korea. Glencore's offer for goods in the first half of October was $750/ton, but there was no response. Noble offered $740/ton for shipment in November, and flinthills, INTERCHEM and noble offered $760/ton FOB South Korea. China's domestic price fell by 100 yuan/ton, and the transaction was 8125 yuan/ton. Equivalent to 840 US dollars/ton CFR is more and more widely used in the automotive industry and industrial utilization in China. However, there is no large volume of transactions, and traders are unwilling to buy too much in the process of price decline. Most transactions are less than 30 tons. The toluene offer of Sinopec East China and South China branches was reduced by yuan/ton. The price in Shanghai, Zhenjiang and Nanjing in East China is 8200 yuan/ton. The price of pure benzene in Asia is at 78 to avoid problems in the mainstream weak test results of the domestic steel raw material spot market on November 3. 0 US dollars/ton FOB South Korea, down 40 US dollars/ton from September 8

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