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The Tokyo auto show is coming with a strong attack, and the FeiJin tire is making a heavy debut

the Tokyo auto show is coming with a strong attack, and the FeiJin tire is making a heavy debut

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from October 25 to November 5, 2017, the tire brands of Sumitomo rubber - FeiJin tire and Dunlop tire (Booth No.: e6204, East Hall 6) are carrying cutting-edge technology Excellent products were unveiled at the 45th Tokyo Nashi auto show, creating a feast of technology and vision for car lovers

FeiJin tire, founded in 1983, was positioned as the "flagship high-performance radial tire" brand at the initial stage of its establishment. It has won the favor of consumers with excellent product quality and high-quality after-sales service. After more than 30 years of leapfrog development, it has grown into a global strategic brand renowned at home and abroad. This includes floor glue, rubber on electronic components, and key components on rubber products; Such as brake tubes, brake cups, brake pads, seals and other auto shows, FeiJin tire brought high-performance tire products, eurowinter hs4449, azenis fk453 runflat, azenis fk510 and a concept tire, which fully demonstrated its high-end R & D technology

Dunlop tire, which appeared together with FeiJin tire, also attracted many exhibitors with its unique booth style. As we all know, Dunlop tire is a brand under Sumitomo rubber. Since the invention of the first pneumatic tire in 1888, it has been famous all over the world for its excellent product quality. At this auto show, Dunlop showed its superior technology, the advantages of products in environmental protection And its brand attitude of constantly innovating technology and striving for perfection in the development of a century

FeiJin tire, which is born with sports gene, has never stopped moving forward in sports events. From track to road, from competition to life, FeiJin tire has achieved infinite extension, and the in-depth interpretation of the never-ending spirit of exploration and challenge. This time, the fighter plane of Yixiu muroya, a FeiJin player in the Red Bull Air Sports flight championship, was also brought to the exhibition site, attracting many exhibitors to stop and take photos. It is reported that Yoshiyuki muroya drove it to win the annual champion of the 2017 Red Bull Air Sports flight championship, and became the first Asian to stand on the champion podium! Moreover, the on-site LED screen circulates the videos of the Nurburgring 24-hour endurance race and Red Bull Air Sports flight championship in which FeiJin tire participated, so that the audience can have a more thorough understanding of how FeiJin is a passionate, young and sincere brand

not only that, in order to let more people see the exhibition situation and understand the development trend of cars and tires at the first time, FeiJin tire brought one of the most popular means of communication to the exhibition site. The red anchor passed on the high-performance products, cool aircraft and more on-site information displayed by FeiJin tire at the Tokyo auto show through the screen, bringing international cutting-edge real-time news to Chinese audiences

the Tokyo auto show, founded in 1954, is the largest international auto show in Asia and is known as the "Asian car weathervane". Japanese vehicles above the world-class level, excellent technical skills and many suppliers have come to participate. Compared with other large Western auto shows, the Japanese auto show has the oriental charm of Asia. Cars and business vehicles are displayed once a year in turn. At the same time, a variety of automotive electronic equipment and technologies are also a highlight of the show. Born in Japan, FeiJin tire naturally won't miss the feast of "showing itself". Through this auto show, FeiJin tire hopes to show its technical level, race gene, and the brand image of young, passionate and sincere △ f=........................ formula (12) to the majority of consumers one by one, and let more people know and understand FeiJin tire, which is brave in challenge and innovation. Prove to you that FeiJin tire is constantly exploring all over the world, with an unlimited pursuit of quality, and is working hard to become a truly global brand

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