Eight Tips for turning waste into treasure

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Straw turns waste into treasure "eight tricks"

editor's words: the field starts to smoke every year. In recent years, Jiangsu, Henan and other provinces have made new explorations: Jiangsu Province will drive the improved harvester into the oil vegetable field, the machine harvest is fast and good, the straw is crushed and returned to the field, which also effectively reduces the loss rate and increases the yield by 5%; Henan Province also has new measures in the recycling of wheat straw, such as the production of ethanol, charcoal, or paper... Facts have proved that straw can be turned into treasure

stones from other mountains can be used to attack jade. I hope the way they deal with straw can give us inspiration and reference

trick 1 straw baler saves time and effort

straw picking baler shuttles through the field, spitting out neat bundles of wheat straw behind. This is the scene I saw in the wheat field in Lizhuang Township, Baofeng County in the afternoon harvest season this year. "I didn't expect this kind of machine cutting, so time-saving and labor-saving. The work of banning burning in my Township must be much better this year." A township cadre told the author

Li Xuefeng, a farmer in Lizhuang Township, Baofeng County, invested in the straw picker baler. Li Xuefeng said that after harvesting wheat, straw is not easy to deal with. In order to catch up with the farming time, some farmers burn it down, causing pollution. He has been trying to find a solution. When he heard of the straw picker baler, he invested 800000 yuan to buy 9 sets from Shanghai to provide free services to farmers

according to Li Xuefeng, a machine can pick up 30 mu of straw a day, and 1000 tons of straw have been baled and formed in five days. Although it is a free service, Li Xuefeng is not at a loss, because the straw he picks up is bundled and shaped, which is convenient for transportation, and has become a hot commodity in Inner Mongolia prairie pasture. Each ton of straw can be sold for 260 yuan

tricks 26 tons of straw can produce one ton of ethanol

can straw also produce ethanol for cars? Yes! Recently, in the morning, the author saw in the ethanol gasoline production workshop of Henan Tianguan Group that after piles of straw were "eaten" by the crusher, mellow ethanol flowed out after several twists and turns. Kang Dongliang, an engineer of the company, told the author that the newly established fiber ethanol production line with an annual output of 300 tons can not only spit out 1 ton of ethanol but also produce 1 ton of lignin by eating 6 tons of straw

it is reported that Henan Tianguan Group is a nationally determined enterprise producing ethanol for vehicles, but in the past, it used to produce ethanol and "digest" food. Can straw be turned into ethanol? Henan Tianguan has made a major breakthrough in cellulosic ethanol technology after tackling key technical problems. Kang Dongliang said that the cost of "digesting" 6 tons of straw and producing 1 ton of ethanol is 11000 yuan. According to the market price, one ton of ethanol and one ton of lignin can be sold for 13000 yuan. After deducting the cost, you can earn 2000 yuan

the pilot production of this technology means that it is expected to break the situation that ethanol production mainly depends on grain. It is understood that on the basis of stable pilot production, Tianguan Group will build a 1000 ton fiber ethanol production line within this year by optimizing the process. During the "Eleventh Five Year Plan" period, the group's cost of producing ethanol from straw is expected to be basically the same as that of producing ethanol from grain

trick 3 mechanism charcoal factory opens its straw collection

it is time to ban straw burning again, but this headache will be difficult to appear in Qiling Township, Ruzhou city this year. A new machine-made charcoal factory in the township not only solves the outlet of a large number of straws, but also increases farmers' income and protects the environment

"the charcoal factory built in my Township this year is open to the purchase of straw, so farmers don't have to worry about straw problems anymore..." in the recent morning, in the Kexing mechanism charcoal factory in Fanji village, Qiling Township, a group of villagers holding straw waiting for weighing said excitedly while wiping sweat

according to the introduction, there are 34 natural villages in Qiling Township, with more than 30000 mu of crop straw every year, "explained Christian wolfsberger, the business development manager of composite technology located at the headquarters of bergengel in Schwert, Austria. This year, while guiding farmers to return straw to the field or ammoniate straw, the township introduced more than 3 million yuan of foreign capital and built a Kexing mechanism charcoal factory in Fanji village of the township. Charcoal factory has a wide range of raw materials, including straw, rice husk, peanut shell, sawdust and branches. This not only solves the problem of banning straw burning, but also protects the environment

tricks 4 paper mill power plant let go of the "belly" to eat straw

during the afternoon harvest this year, a farmer surnamed fan in Zhang Township, Changcun village, Xuchang County, holding the 1000 yuan he got from selling straw, happily said that turning straw into paper was beneficial to society, earned money by himself, and reduced pollution, which was much better than burning straw

the villager is from Haiyang village, Zhang Township, Chang village. This year, his family planted more than 5 mu of wheat. After harvest, he sold 5 tons of straw to Xuchang Yilin wheat straw collection and storage Co., Ltd. at the price of 200 yuan per ton. Li Mingliang, general manager of the company, said that in the afternoon harvest season, they purchased twoorthree tons of straw a day. With the arrival of the peak wheat harvest, the daily purchase of straw reached 700 tons. He said that the government was very supportive of their enterprises and formulated a straw purchase plan before the wheat harvest to encourage farmers to collect and sell straw

a person in charge of the combustion prohibition Office of Xuchang municipal government introduced that encouraging farmers to sell straw to power plants and paper mills is part of the government's multi-channel comprehensive utilization of straw

tips 5 recycling professionals earn 10000 yuan a quarter

during the afternoon harvest season this year, the author passed by the village of Liangkou village, Xindian Township, Pingyu County, and saw a farmer couple "snapping up" straw in the field. The farmer couple, his wife holding an iron fork, and his husband driving his own four-wheel car. The company called the processing process automatic fiber placement technology. The wheel car followed behind the large-scale combine harvester. The straw that the harvester "spit" into the field was timely "grabbed" and loaded on the four-wheel car. The farmer couple, named Ma Xuezhong and Zhang Dalan, are specialized in recycling straw. According to them, if you recycle a truck of straw, give 100 yuan to the head of the wheat field, and sell it at Suiping County paper mill, you can earn more than 100 yuan per truck, and you can earn twoorthree yuan if you run twoorthree times a day. At least 10000 yuan can be earned in a wheat harvest season

at present, there are more than 1100 professional households recycling straw in Pingyu County, such as Ma Xue Zhong and Zhang Dalan. The survey of the county government shows that gaozhixue in gaopingsi village, Guolou Township, the county was the first to discover this business opportunity. During the wheat harvest in 2002, Gao Zhixue, who worked in a paper mill in Luohe, returned home to harvest the wheat. He was distressed to see the straw thrown into the ground or dumped in the ditch after the wheat harvest. He persuaded his wife to drive his four wheeled car to recycle the straw in the villagers' fields and then sell it in the paper mill. I have been busy for more than a month and made a net profit of more than 10000 yuan. Seeing that Gao Zhixue made a lot of money from recycling straw, the villagers followed suit

the person in charge of the county agricultural office told the author that nowadays, the specialized households of straw recycling have spread all over the towns and townships of the county, and others find brokers in neighboring villages and townships to collect and store straw, and sell it in large quantities to the surrounding formal paper-making enterprises for a long time

tricks 6 straw straw hat "weaving" professional village

Guanshan village, Sanlihe Township, Queshan County, surrounded by mountains, is a well-known professional straw hat weaving village. There are more than 200 farmers in the village who weave straw hats at home all year round and then sell them in the market. Weaving and selling straw hats have increased farmers' income

straw hat is woven with straw. During the wheat harvest season, farmers here go to their fields to sickle or pull wheat by hand, and after "dropping" the wheat grains, they carefully bundle and store the straw. Farmers here told the author that they have special feelings for wheat straw. For them, straw means money

tricks 7 straw into gas, water and cooking

"if all can be promoted, all straw in our wheat field will be as valuable as coal and diesel." Recently, Zhang Ruitian, a villager in Tianyan village, nangan Town, Luoshan County, was playing with a new type of environmentally friendly gas appliance installed by an environmental protection and energy conservation company in Xinyang City. He was happy to see pots of chopped straw stuffed into the stove and turned into clean and efficient gas

in order to better handle straw, the local government held a new technology promotion meeting for farmers. At the promotion meeting, the author saw that the technicians cut up the newly harvested straw, poured it into an iron bucket and covered it. Technicians said that this is similar to a biogas digester, in which straw is fermented into methane gas, mixed with air through the damper, and connected to an ordinary gas stove, you can boil water and cook. The technician opened the valve of the gas stove, and the blue flame immediately spewed out. The onlookers were amazed, and many people said they would buy one on the spot

it is understood that if a farmer uses this gas system, he can turn all his straw into gas. If there is no wheat straw, straw and sorghum straw can be replaced

tricks 8 cultivation of edible fungi with straw substitute

the establishment of the edible fungi base in Dingcun Township, Huojia county has successfully developed the cultivation of edible fungi with crop straw substitute and the deep processing technology of edible fungi, opening up a new way for farmers to increase their income

Ma Wanfa, 50, is a top-notch professional and technical talent in Huojia county. When he saw the environmental pollution caused by the indiscriminate burning of straw in the countryside every summer and autumn, he decided to use crop straw as a substitute for many aircraft, ships, vehicles and equipment to cultivate edible fungi after use. Through hundreds of experiments and thousands of improvements, the technology of cultivating edible mushrooms such as Pleurotus ostreatus and Flammulina velutipes with straw has finally been successfully developed: 1 kg straw can cultivate 1 kg Pleurotus ostreatus, Coprinus comatus or Flammulina velutipes. Later, he summarized the technology of cultivating Agaricus bisporus with wheat straw. Using this technology, 1 kg of wheat straw can produce 0.4 kg of Agaricus bisporus. At present, one kilogram of Agaricus bisporus can be sold for more than 6 yuan

Ma Wanfa introduced to the author that building a 200 square meter edible fungus greenhouse can transform 70 mu of wheat straw or corn straw a year, and each mu of straw can create an output value of more than 1200 yuan. (end)

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