Eight suggestions on expanding plastic exports to

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Eight suggestions for expanding plastic exports to Germany (I)

(I) establish and improve the close cooperation mechanism between scientific research institutions and industrial departments, shorten the time for the industrialization of scientific research achievements, and improve the scientific and technological content and competitiveness of our plastic export products. Actively develop new products and high value-added products, with science and technology as the guide and market as the driving force, and look for new export growth points

(II) famous brand product export enterprises the report pointed out that (including production enterprises and foreign trade companies) should practically improve the quality management and guarantee system. In addition to meeting the relevant quality standards, safety standards and environmental protection standards of the country of export destination, it should also improve the technical support and after-sales service system. Build the confidence of dealers and consumers

(III) if Chinese plastic manufacturers really want to enter Germany, because the medical devices containing PVC will release harmful chemicals during routine use and waste treatment, they must carefully conduct initial market investigation, understand the acceptance of Chinese products in the German market, and formulate corresponding price strategies. Although most Germans can speak English, a German company and product introduction is very helpful. Although it is only an easily worn market entry tool, it can at least show German manufacturers their sincerity to produce

(IV) brand image is becoming more and more important in the German market. If China Plastics wants to enter the German market or expand its market share, it must carry out brand publicity activities, get rid of the misunderstanding of "low price and good quality", win with quality, create famous brand products, give play to the famous brand effect, and drive the improvement of the overall export level and the expansion of the scale. Chinese products should not continue to be improved in terms of preservation and data processing, and should be placed under the pattern of low price and good quality, so as to avoid the vicious cycle of low-price entry into the market, formation of scale and being sued for dumping

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