The hottest Tokyo rubber futures closed down 13

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Tokyo rubber futures closed down 1.3%

on Tuesday (November 15), Tokyo industrial products exchange (TOCOM) rubber futures closed down

tocom benchmark rubber contract settlement price in April was reported at 27, which promoted the transformation and development of the logistics industry by 3 yen/kg, compared with the settlement price of 276 on the previous trading day. 6 yen fell 3. 6 yen or 1. 30%。 Within the day, the intraday trading range of the contract was 276.. 2 yen

in the internal market, on that day, the main force of SHFE rubber futures moved to 1205 contract, closing at 25485 yuan/ton, up 545 yuan/ton or 2. 19%, flexibility and durability increased for two consecutive days

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