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Coca Cola special printing packaging production line eight secrets of flexibility

as the leader of the world beverage industry, Coca Cola has more than 140 kinds of products, which have different flavors, packaging containers and capacities. Operating and producing so many varieties, enterprises must have a high degree of flexibility. The following eight tips can help you improve the flexibility of the packaging and printing production line:

1. shorten the conversion time

the downtime of most factories in packaging operations is wasted on converting products or packaging. Shortening the conversion time can bring great benefits and improve productivity and production capacity; With the rapid increase of the number of new products, the switching time in packaging operations has become more and more frequent. Therefore, this has become an urgent problem to be solved. Shortening the conversion time only means some simple improvements, such as the improvement and update of equipment, and the overall improvement through training and document update

2. Packaging robot

after decades of expectation, the robot has finally been officially put into practice and used in the general packaging field. Robots can replace human beings in the packaging operations of packing and palletizing. In addition, the robot can also perform several tasks at the same time, such as packing the products and putting the boxes into the pallet, or removing the products from the single conveyor belt and sorting them into the corresponding pallet

3. servo engine

in the past few years, the application of servo engine in the field of packaging has almost exploded. In the past, the cartoning machine was only equipped with a servo engine and mechanical linkage group, but now it is equipped with a dozen or more servo engines

the perfect speed and motion data chart display can be flexibly adjusted to make it suitable for a variety of functions. Minor adjustments or major changes can be quickly completed through the touch screen

4. online printing

many technologies can allow packers to print on site at the production site. Thermal printing, thermal transfer, continuous inkjet technology, laser and hot stamping are commonly used for on-site printing. The ball screw is based on the ball, which belongs to the rotating friction technology. Usually, they are used for printing variable data such as label coding. In other application fields, they are used for the identification and identification of primary products

5. Pucks

brackets are plastic cups used to fix packaging containers in packaging operations. They are widely used in the aerosol industry and have never been heard of in other fields. From the perspective of production operation, the advantage of using brackets is that the production line is suitable for packaging bottles of any size and shape. In addition, the cost of the bracket is much lower than that of the original production line, which often changes parts because of different packaging containers

6. Pigs

the pig we are talking about here is a kind of rubber stopper, which can be scraped off the excess ink along the way by pressing the process pipe. The cleaning is more thorough and rapid, and the residues in the pipeline are effectively recycled

7. Modular machine tools with marshalling stations

the design of machine tools allows them to have strong adaptability to product changes. The new high-speed wheel labeling machine of Krones is a good example. The labeling machine is attached with a workbench with wheels, which can raise various labeling heads and then close to the host. Converting from self-adhesive labels to glued labels is as simple as swapping out modules. The advantage of this labeling machine is that it allows the replacement of label type products to be carried out externally without affecting the continuous operation of the labeling machine

8. Packaging production 25.0 production layout

u-shaped packaging production lines maximize the available space and create human efficiency advantages, because they reduce the distance between machines. The precision designed transmission system can control the accuracy of guide rail position through mechanical pause or position feedback information

torsional strength -- when the data becomes submissive

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