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The price war of toilet paper has become normal, with prices falling by more than 40%. The rising price of toilet paper once made citizens sigh: even toilet paper is almost out of use. However, Sanxiang Huasheng all media visited many large and medium-sized supermarkets in Changsha on August 4 and found that toilet paper had entered the price reduction season. Every supermarket has 30 or 40 toilet paper products, many of which have fallen by more than 40%. All supermarket salesmen said that the paper price collective diving was a big one in terms of scale and intensity, and they suggested that citizens might as well buy more

however, analysts in the paper industry believe that in the future, the paper price war will still be the norm of the industry according to the statistics of China Building Metal Structure Association, especially in the case of overcapacity of household paper this year, the price increase during the year is very limited

On the 4th, Sanxiang Huasheng all media saw in the century Jinyuan Xiangjiang Century City store that not only the toilet paper special area was covered with large and small price reduction promotion signs, but also several piles of price reduction paper were piled up in the supermarket aisle and cashier. Qingyingguang Group continues to strengthen the training of highly skilled talents. The original price of 180-6 packages is 22.9 yuan, and the current price is 14.9 yuan; The original price of Vader 3 packaging tissue paper is 15.9 yuan, and the current price is 8.9 yuan. The price reduction products involve almost all household paper manufacturers, including more than 40 brands, including Qingfeng, xinxiangyin, Vader, jierou, etc., of which Qingfeng accounts for more than 10. The price reduction amount is 80 cents to 8 yuan, with the largest decrease of more than 44%. The staff said that the whole activity would last for half a month

in the department store area of Huaxia store of xinyijia supermarket, promotional lists of household paper are also overwhelming. Although there is no comparison between the current price and the original price, the orange promotional labels are distributed on all shelves, and there are also more than 40 models. A shopping guide enthusiastically recommended an extra volume package. Not only increase the quantity, but also reduce the price. It used to sell for 32.9 yuan, but now it's only 19.9 yuan, down 13 yuan. It's very cost-effective to buy a few boxes while taking advantage of the promotion. The activity only lasts for a week

in the Lake store of Jiarunduo supermarket, there are also more than 30 toilet paper products that have been collectively reduced in price. According to statistics, there are more than 10 kinds of toilet paper products, 3 of which have decreased by more than 40%, and most of them have decreased by 23%. Among them, the original price of good Geely is 32.5 yuan, and the current price is 18.9 yuan, a decrease of 42%

however, most of the products with reduced prices are web paper, followed by pumping paper. There are few discounts on handkerchief paper, which is popular in summer, and there are almost no discounts on wet tissue paper. In some small community supermarkets, there are few paper promotions. Supermarket owners all said: I didn't hear the suppliers say they want to reduce prices

some customers are busy hoarding goods, and some are not surprised.

in the past, the price of toilet paper only rose but did not fall. Recently, it has fallen so much that it is back to civilians. One package is reduced by 13 yuan, and five packages are 65 yuan. Take advantage of the low price, buy more and keep it. On the afternoon of the 4th, Ms. Wang, who chose toilet paper in the supermarket, said

Aunt Chen, who is 35 years old this year, is a purchaser in the Logistics Department of the unit. She has always only caught discounted toilet paper. Xinxiangyin and Qingfeng brands have promotional products almost every week, but only a few of them. Seeing that the price reduction products are intensive and strong, she specially reported to the leaders and prepared to purchase more paper products for hoarding

many citizens have the idea of hoarding goods. The tallyman of century Jinyuan supermarket revealed that a Silver Pigeon Brand roll paper with the original price of 15.9 yuan and the current price of 8.9 yuan is almost 50% off, and sold more than 200 pieces a night

however, some citizens are not surprised. Where is the use of toilet paper to store goods? Some people are doomed to be tossing! Go to any big supermarket and you can buy special offers and promotional products 365 days a year. The so-called price reduction is just a marketing method used by businessmen to pay more attention to home. Post-90s Yin Kai said

price war has become the norm. Promotional products drive 70% of the performance.

is the price reduction of paper products really a price reduction or just a promotional gimmick

a staff member from the production base of Hunan Hengan Group, a heart printing paper manufacturer, said that the ex factory price has not changed at present, and the price reduction in the market is the decision of the company's business department, which is achieved by reducing profits

as for the collective price reduction, Xia Haiou, the director of Hunan Business Office of jinhongye company, a manufacturer of Qingfeng paper, was very calm in an interview. We will have some promotions, but there is no special price reduction. It should be that the direct supermarkets, as the main force, are setting prices. He said that July and August are the off-season for household paper and the peak season for beverages. Supermarkets will invest a large amount of money in beverages, and paper products are mainly used to clear inventory or attract customers

a staff member in the Xiangbei District Office of Weida Paper Co., Ltd. who declined to be named also said that we will launch a series of products to promote sales at a regular pace every month. The price war has been the norm in paper sales, and 60% - 70% of the company's sales are driven by promotional products

these statements are not false. On the one page list provided by Suibao department store, Sanxiang Huasheng all media saw that the price of more than a dozen paper products displayed was only oneortwo cents higher than the supply price of the manufacturer. As a high-speed circulation product, household paper was fiercely competitive, and various manufacturers vigorously promoted promotional products, so supermarkets hardly relied on this to make money, just to attract customers. A staff member revealed

overcapacity is the main reason for the limited growth of paper products in the later stage.

for consumers, the most concern is whether they can get real benefits. Chang Junting, an analyst of zhuochuang information household paper, analyzed that this round of collective price reduction of household paper involves almost all brands, and it is not a phenomenon in a single region. Generally speaking, the price of household paper has something to do with the cost of pulp raw materials. In March and April this year, although the pulp price has been declining, it has only decreased by 0.5%, which is not expected to have a significant impact on the terminal price

however, in her view, this time the paper industry really reduced prices, mainly due to overcapacity in the industry. According to the industry data in 2013, the new production capacity was 1.35 million tons, but the new demand was only about 650000 tons. In order to withdraw funds and seize market share, manufacturers have to drive sales through promotion to digest production capacity

Chang Junting analyzed that overcapacity is an indisputable fact. It is expected that the price increase of household paper will be very limited in the paper hot season after September

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