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Tomefon Feina sweeping robot fully automatic sweeping and dust suction integration TF

tomefon Feina sweeping robot German smart home fully automatic sweeping and dust suction integration tf-880s

one yuan reservation, a huge benefit of 600 yuan, the following collection and use of friend comments, for the reference and comparison of friends in need

I. how about tomefon FENa floor sweeping robot fully automatic floor sweeping and dust suction integrated tf-880s, OK

try it for a month and feel:

(1) things are very good and the floor is clean. But I always feel that I'm not smart enough. I always get stuck in one place. I go to work and ask it to start sweeping. I always stop in one place after work and don't finish sweeping. I don't know what happened. But if you look at it, it's still very good to sweep the floor

(2) the robot is cute and cute. I think it's smart and clean. It can save a lot of time to do housework, and it's worth it

(3) the hair dust on the trial ground can be cleaned, and the bottom of the sofa can be cleaned where you can enter. Overall satisfaction

after a period of trial, feel: Please Click to enter to view detailed evaluation comments

II Tomefon FENa floor sweeping robot tf-880s parameters [view the quotation after tmall coupons]

Product Name: tomefon/FENa tf-s880

warranty period: 36 months

brand: tomefon/FENa

model: tf-s880

dust box capacity: 0.6L

automatic charging: Yes

intelligent type: other intelligent

maximum height: 9cm intermediate,the Polymer will dominate

production enterprise: Guangzhou Feina Technology Co., Ltd.

battery capacity: 2000mAh

collision protection: mechanical + electronic double-layer protection

article number: tf-880s

applicable area: 120m^2 (included) -150m^2 (excluded)

applicable area: ㎡

restart the tester chassis power supply and soft part medical support: China Plastics Processing Industry Association, China synthetic resin Association, minimally invasive medical devices, Kehui medical Biomedical materials and tissue engineering center, 9 affiliated hospitals of Shanghai Jiaotong University School of Medicine/Shanghai biomaterials research and testing center Plastic machinery and Plastic Engineering Research Institute of China Plastics Processing Industry Association check whether it is a normal additional function: dust identification

color classification: color

appearance modeling: floor sweeping robot

function: drag and suction

cleaning route: planned

whether it has a remote control: Yes

whether it has a regular reservation function: Yes

LCD: Yes

is there a virtual wall: Yes

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