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The toluene Market in South China is facing price hikes, and the market is active

Jiangsu market: this week, the overall toluene Market in Jiangsu rose, with a limited range. On the one hand, with the continuous consumption of goods, the local inventory is gradually shrinking. Most importers offer firm prices in view of the difficulties of later procurement, while controlling the delivery speed. In this case, the downward space of prices is very limited; On the other hand, the downstream manufacturers' pre holiday stock signs were not obvious, and the market wait-and-see mood was strong. Everyone knew that carbon fiber according to the different types of precursor, plus the surrounding refineries accelerated the pace of shipment by virtue of the price advantage of lever surface processing T-groove. The market negotiation was light throughout the week, and the price increase was limited. Driven by the crude oil and toluene Market in Asia, the market quotation rose rapidly, and the local transaction level closed at yuan/ton (from Zhangjiagang), up 100 yuan/ton from last Friday. Some market participants believe that there is still room for price increase at present, and the direction of the hurricane in the United States and the downstream stock situation will become the decisive factors for the increase

South China market: in the first half of the week, despite the ups and downs of oil prices and the reduction of toluene ex factory price by SINOPEC Guangzhou Branch, the toluene Market in Guangdong Province performed smoothly and remained at the transaction level of 7100 yuan/ton (Shatin tank). It is reported that in the recent case of difficult negotiations on imported goods and low inventory, the quotation of first-hand traders is strong, and the local toluene market is more bullish in the future driven by this. The local toluene market quotation has risen to yuan/ton (Shatian tank), and the transaction level has also risen to yuan/ton (Shatian training and payroll tank). According to market participants, some middlemen actively make inquiries and strive to find a good price to purchase goods to be increased

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