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The purpose of project decision analysis and evaluation is to provide a scientific and reliable basis for (). The resins used in wood plastics include PVC, PE, PP, of which PE accounts for 70%. (understand)

A. strategic decision-making B. management decision-making

C. marketing decision-making D. project decision-making

answer: D (P2)

1-2 the main difference between the content of the feasibility study and the preliminary feasibility study is (). (Master)

A. increase market analysis

B. increase the depth of research

C. increase social evaluation

D. increase the investment estimate

answer: B (P5)

1-3 in addition to the analysis of the investment environment and the analysis of the internal and external resource conditions of the enterprise, the identification of enterprise investment opportunities should also focus on (). (Master)

A. analysis of enterprise personnel status

B. analysis of enterprise external environment

C. analysis of enterprise business objectives and strategies

D. analysis of enterprise financial status

answer: C (P6)

1-4 () is the basic requirement of project decision-making analysis and evaluation. (familiar)

a. the project benefits must meet the requirements

B. the method is scientific and reasonable and verified by multiple methods

C. The analysis is logical and persuasive

D. the data is accurate and reliable

answer: (b c d) (P3-P4)

Chapter 2:

2-1 supply and demand balance analysis is an important work in (). (Master)

A. analysis of project construction scale B. market analysis and prediction

C. analysis of product competitiveness D. selection of process scheme

answer: B (P10)

2-2 () is the premise of marketing strategy research. (Master)

A. enterprise strategy research B. market prediction and analysis

C. product life cycle analysis D. market risk analysis

answer: C (P18)

2-3 investment subjects at any level have three types of decisions, namely, strategic decision-making, structural decision-making and optimization decision-making of projects and their combinations (it is not only an indispensable basic production link of a large number of industrial and agricultural products, but also project decision-making), But ultimately, it should be implemented to (). (understand)

A. enterprise level B. project level

C. government level D. legal person level

answer: B (p20-21)

2-4 after the three basic choices of enterprise investment strategy, we should () make comprehensive choices to realize the optimal combination of investment projects. (understand)

A. based on market analysis B. based on risk factors

C. based on competitiveness D. based on financing ability

answer: D (p21)

2-5 the three basic choices of enterprise investment strategy are (). (understand)

A. choose the direction of investment strategy B. choose the type of investment strategy C. determine the situation of investment strategy

promote the transformation and upgrading of traditional material industrial enterprises D. choose investment timing E. choose investment scale

answer: B D E (p22-24)

Chapter III:

3-1 the overall goal of optimal allocation of resources is to achieve sustainable development. For specific investment projects, the goal is (). (understand)

A. make rational use of resources and contribute to the realization of the national sustainable development goals

B. implement comprehensive utilization of resources and alleviate the contradiction of relative shortage of resources in China

C. reflect the unity of economy, effectiveness and comprehensiveness of resource utilization, and realize investment benefits

D. reflect the reliability of resource utilization, Make the investment project continue to operate

answer: a (P28)

3-2 () are the contents of resource condition evaluation. (familiar)

A. resource availability B. resource occurrence conditions

C. resource effectiveness D. natural quality of resources

E. resource development value

answer: a B D E (P28)

Chapter IV:

4-1 the primary technical index of the general layout scheme comparison table is (). (familiar)

A. greening area B. earthwork volume

C. plant area D. road square area

answer: C (P79)

4-2 for major projects, special site selection reports are often required in the () stage. (familiar)

A. opportunity study B. project proposal C. feasibility study D. feasibility study evaluation

answer: B (p67)

4-3 in the project decision analysis and evaluation, the rationality of the project construction scale should be analyzed, mainly (). (Master)

A. whether it meets the requirements of industrial policies

B. whether it meets the requirements of economies of scale

C. economy of resource utilization

D. rationality of resource utilization

E. whether external conditions match

answer: a B D E (p45-p46)

4-4 the applicability of technology included in the production process technology selection principles in project decision-making analysis and evaluation is mainly reflected in (). (Master)

A. adaptability to raw materials B. adaptability to labor productivity

Landsea real estate has developed more than 40 green technology residential communities across the country; The total development area is 7.43 million square meters

C. adaptability to equipment D. adaptability to staff quality

E. adaptability to environmental protection requirements

answer: a C D E (p52)

4-5 requirements for energy conservation in project construction in project decision-making analysis and evaluation (). (Master)

a. the design of the construction scheme should reflect the policy of rational utilization and energy conservation

B. the feasibility study report should list a separate "energy conservation chapter (Chapter)"

C. The content of the "energy conservation chapter (Chapter)" should comply with relevant regulations

D. the design of the energy conservation scheme should comply with relevant technical requirements

e. the comprehensive energy consumption of the project must reach the international level

answer: a B C D (p89-p90)

Chapter 5:

5-1 internationally, it is generally believed that

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