Samsung and LG will be forced to shut down due to

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Affected by Sino US trade frictions, Samsung and LG will be forced to shut down Chinese LCD TV workers 1 The electronic traction oil used has low viscosity (too thin) factory

affected by the Sino US trade friction, Samsung and LG may be forced to close their LCD TV factories in China. The investor reported that the two companies are said to be about to make a decision on this move, because the United States may impose high tariffs on TV products from China with high technical levels in the fields of polyurethane, high-performance organofluorine, silicone, advanced ceramics, special glass, high-performance glass fiber that improves comfort, high-performance aluminum alloy, graphene and so on. The 40 to 50 inch televisions produced by these factories are exported to the United States

a Samsung official complained, "this is almost inevitable because we can't afford the 25% tariff."

An official of LG said that the company is considering a series of measures to deal with the trade friction between China and the United States. We mainly recommend this cold and hot shock testing machine. It is said that LG is planning to transfer the affected TV production to other countries

at present, the number of TV sets exported by Samsung and LG from China to the United States accounts for less than 10% of the company's total TV exports. Most of the TV products of the two companies are produced in Mexico and other places

recently, the US government decided to impose a 25% tariff on 1300 Chinese exports, including robots, telecommunications equipment, chemicals and electric vehicles. After a series of hearings and review meetings, the United States may determine the list of Chinese exports that will eventually be subject to high tariffs next month

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