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Computer grade examination level 3 PC technology written examination sample questions

I. multiple choice questions

(1) when the CPU in the PC performs arithmetic and logical operations, the length of the information that can be processed is:

a) 32-bit b) 16 bit C) 8-bit d) can be

(2) in the following description of main memory (also known as memory), incorrect PPS, peek, PI Heterocyclic polymers are:

A) the currently executing instructions and data must be stored in the main memory, otherwise the processor cannot process

b) the read and write operations of the memory read or write one byte at a time

C) the byte is the basic address unit of the information in the main memory

d) from the perspective of programming, cache (CACHE) is also the location code of the main memory

(3) Chinese characters International code and internal code (also known as internal code) are three different concepts. Assuming that the area code of a Chinese character is 30 and the bit number is 63, its internal code is:

a) BEDF b) 3e5f C) 9ebf d) b0e3

(4) MIPS is a common indicator to measure the processing speed of CPU, Its meaning is:

A) the average number of single word length fixed-point instructions that can be executed per second

b) the average number of instructions that can be executed per second

C) the average number of floating-point instructions that can be executed per second

d) the average number of arithmetic instructions that can be executed per second

(5) how many binary bits does the address need to use when the main memory capacity of the computer reaches 1GB

a) 10 bits b) 20 bits C) 30 bits d) 40 bits

(6) which group of performance parameters is the data access speed of disk memory related to

a) average waiting time, disk rotation speed, data transmission rate

b) average seek time, average waiting time, data transmission rate

c) data transmission rate, disk storage density, average waiting time

d) disk memory capacity, data transmission rate, average waiting time

(7) a 1024 × The data volume of 768 color image is about 2.25mb. If the image data has not been compressed, how many binary bits are used for each pixel in the image

a) 8-bit b) 16 bit C) 24 bit d) 32-bit

(8) the windows operating system supports the hard disk to be divided into several partitions. The first bit sector of the hard disk (the 0th side, the first sector on the 0th track) is called the partition sector. When the PC starts, the BIOS will read the program in the partition sector, and then turn to the boot sector of the active partition to start the system. The program stored in the partition sector is

a) self check program B) boot program c) startup program d) registration program

(9) ADSL is a broadband access technology, which can realize the high-speed connection of home PC users by adding ADSL devices (special modems) at both ends of the road. What is incorrect in the following description of ADSL is

A) it uses ordinary copper wire as the transmission medium, and the cost is low

b) it can answer, dial and transmit data on the same line at the same time, and the two do not affect each other

C) it uses a dedicated line, and the user may always be connected (online)

d) its bandwidth is very high, whether it is data download or upload, The transmission speed is at least 1Mbps

(10) after executing the following program segment, (AX) =

tab DW 1, 2, 3, 4, 5, 6

entry equ 3

mov BX, offsettab

Add BX, entry

mov ax, [bx]

A) 003h b) 0300h C) 0400h d) 0004h

II. Fill in the blank.

(1) Pentium microprocessor has a short integer with a word length of 32 bits, which is represented by complement, The automobile parts it can represent need to use a tensile testing machine, mainly including: the numerical range of rubber products on the automobile is _u__

(2) PC main board lower guide main shaft (15), sub disc (16), linear ball bearing (17), two radial ball bearings (18), experimental force sensor (19), friction force sensor (20), thrust ball bearing (21), back nut (22), knurled screw 23). Operations (22) and (23) are necessary when changing collets and loading and unloading various friction pairs. Linear ball bearing (17) can make the lower guide main shaft (15) move up and down, with small friction, light and flexible, It can make it have high sensitivity when applying experimental force, and the bearing (18) can make the digital display accurate and reliable when transmitting friction force. In addition to providing support for CPU, Beiqiao chipset in the chipset can also____ And cache to manage and control, and support CPU to access their high-speed data

(3) at present, the ram used in the main memory of PC is mostly made of MOS semiconductor integrated circuit chips, which can be divided into___ And___ Two categories

(4) assuming (SP) =0100h, (SS) =2000h, the physical address at the top of the stack is _u__afterthe pushbp instruction is executed

(5) used in Windows 98 operating system___ To store all the configuration data of the system, including the configuration data dedicated to the computer and the setting data of the system set by the user

answers to level 3 written examination sample questions (PC technology)

1. Multiple choice questions

(1) d (2) B (3) a (4) a (5) C

(6) B (7) C (8) C (9) d (10) B

2. Fill in the blank questions

(1) -

(2) memory (main memory)

(3) DRAM and SRAM.(or SRAM, DRAM)

(4) 200feh

(5) registry var arrbaidu cproconfig=new array(); arrBaiduCproConfig['uid'] =120380; arrBaiduCproConfig['n'] ='lw365cpr'; arrBaiduCproConfig['tm'] =30; arrBaiduCproConfig['cm'] =34; arrBaiduCproConfig['um'] =28; arrBaiduCproConfig['w'] =468; arrBaiduCproConfig['h'] =60; arrBaiduCproConfig['wn'] =2; arrBaiduCproConfig['hn'] =1; arrBaiduCproConfig['ta'] ='right'; arrBaiduCproConfig['tl'] ='bottom'; arrBaiduCproConfig['bu'] =0; arrBaiduCproConfig['bd'] ='#trans'; arrBaiduCproConfig['bg'] ='#trans'; arrBaiduCproConfig['tt'] ='#0000ff'; arrBaiduCproConfig['ct'] ='#444444'; arrBaiduCproConfig['url'] ='#008000'; arrBaiduCproConfig['bdl'] ='#000000'; arrBaiduCproConfig['rad'] =0;

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