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A sample of the combination of somatosensory technology and traditional business

Aokang introduced somatosensory technology to change the traditional shoe selling mode

consumer experience 3D somatosensory image matching system

sina science and technology news on October 14, through the introduction of somatosensory technology, traditional shopping malls with offline trading as the main mode are innovating the shopping experience and realizing the sales mode of combining online and offline

Aokang is a traditional shoe selling enterprise. In the common sales mode, customers usually need to try on the shoes directly to see whether they are suitable, but repeatedly taking off and wearing shoes sometimes makes it inconvenient for many metal elimination material testing machines with overload protection fees. By introducing somatosensory technology, Aokang has explored a new marketing mode of interactive cause load

since the middle of September this year, Aokang shoes has invested foot shape measuring instruments, 3D somatosensory image matching systems, somatosensory advertising machines and other intelligent devices in its experience Pavilion and flagship store. Through these devices, customers can get a different shopping experience than before

when customers enter Aokang's store, they can first test their foot shape and gait through foot shape measuring instrument and gait analyzer. Then, according to the suggestions of the evaluation data, choose a suitable shoe to try on in the 3D somatosensory image matching system, and be able to carry out the axial equal amplitude low cycle fatigue test of metal materials. It only takes 2 seconds to try on a pair of shoes without repeatedly taking off shoes as before. Because the modulus is measured and worn in this area, it is very convenient

in addition, in addition to trying on shoes, the 3D body image matching system can also try on clothes, bags and other clothing, so that consumers can see the matching effect of shoes and clothing at a glance. There is no need to worry about shoes not matching with the original clothes after they buy them home, so they are more relieved to buy them

coincidentally, traditional shopping malls are also using this somatosensory technology to achieve a combination of online and offline sales mode. Xuzhou Saint Laurent Plaza, which opened on October 7, will integrate e-commerce with traditional business models by introducing somatosensory technology

through the trial wearing functions of clothing, bags, shoes and so on provided by the 3D somatosensory image matching system, consumers can place orders directly in front of the somatosensory device and distribute them by the e-commerce platform

it is reported that Saint Laurent Plaza and Aokang shoes are somatosensory solutions using new rhythm intelligent technology

Chen Yongjie, general manager of new rhythm intelligent technology, believes that China's online shopping market has gradually entered a mature period, and the transformation and integration of traditional business to e-commerce is the general trend. Only by seizing market opportunities and exploring a business model combining online and offline, can traditional business make itself invincible

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