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Led enterprise M & A/production expansion/investment sample line

recently, the LED industry currently mainly includes polyether ether ketone (PEEK), polyether ketone (PEK), polyether ketone ketone (PEKK), polyether ether ketone ketone (PEKK) and polyether ketone ether ketone ketone (PEKEKK) and other seed industries, which have received a lot of good news. Many large enterprises have made great achievements in planning and layout, and industry mergers and acquisitions have been carried out one after another. The momentum of the combination of strong and strong has also made many industry insiders catch up with it. At the same time, this year, in addition to continuing the industry frenzy of mergers and acquisitions, many enterprises began to pay attention to enterprise investment and cooperation. More and more enterprises invested heavily, and the capital game also intensified

in 2017, the price competition in the industry continued to soar, and the competition of enterprise mergers and acquisitions, production expansion, and investment at all levels was dizzying. Now an industry drama of enterprise competition is being staged! So, which enterprises are busy with what

Qinshang optoelectronics acquires 100% equity of Chengdu No.7 experimental school

recently, Qinshang optoelectronics announced that the company plans to acquire 100% equity of Chengdu GAODA Investment Development Co., Ltd. this time, and then indirectly acquire 100% equity of Chengdu No.7 experimental school held by Chengdu GAODA

Qinshang optoelectronics originally focused on LED, and launched a major strategic transformation in 2016. At present, Qinshang optoelectronics has repeatedly planned the acquisition of assets in the field of education

Huacan optoelectronics' acquisition of MEMSIC actively cooperates with CFIUS Review

Huacan optoelectronics plans to purchase 100% equity of the target company harmony core (Yiwu) Optoelectronics Technology Co., Ltd. by issuing shares to purchase assets. The previous transaction of this transaction was that the subsidiary of harmony core (Yiwu) Optoelectronics Technology Co., Ltd. purchased 100% equity of MEMSIC, Inc. in cash

at present, the previous transaction has not completed the Cfius review and other procedures of the U.S. government. Affected by this, 100% equity of MEMSIC, Inc. has not been transferred, and the asset delivery of the previous transaction has not been completed

On the evening of March 10, Yi'an technology announced that the company plans to use its own funds to acquire all the equity of Shenzhen oulte Industrial Materials Co., Ltd. at the price of 22million yuan. After the completion of this transaction, opter rubber industry became a wholly-owned subsidiary of Yi'an technology

the announcement said that aupt rubber industry and Yi'an technology have strong relevance and complementarity in LED display, consumer electronics and other customers. The successful acquisition of all equity of OPET rubber by Yian technology is conducive to the integration of OPET rubber's original LED display, consumer electronics and other customer resources, shortening the market development time of relevant products of Yian technology, and quickly entering OPET rubber's original customer base

the delivery of lyade's acquisition of 100% equity of Junze lighting has been completed

on March 2, 2017, lyade purchased 100% equity of Hunan Junze Lighting Design Engineering Co., Ltd. jointly held by Junchen investment and Junling investment with cash of 248million yuan. In the above-mentioned equity transfer process, Junchen investment used all the equity transfer funds of 17million yuan it obtained to purchase the company's shares in one or more times in the form of block trading or bidding trading

on March 6, 2017, Junze lighting has completed the relevant industrial and commercial change registration procedures, and Changsha Administration for Industry and Commerce issued the changed business license for enterprise legal person to Junze lighting. The settlement of this transaction has been completed, and Junze lighting has become a wholly-owned provincial (District, municipal) company of lyade

The acquisition of landvance by

mullinsen has been approved by the United States.

mullinsen participated in the acquisition of the general lighting business of OSRAM in Germany. Although there was an initial delay, the subsequent progress was smoother than expected

OSRAM spokesperson said on February 11, German local time that CFIUS had approved OSRAM to sell its general lighting business to Chinese consortia including mullinsen. The United States is the last country to review this overseas acquisition. After obtaining the approval of all overseas countries, this acquisition can be completed only with the approval of the relevant domestic regulatory authorities. It is expected that this overseas acquisition will be completed in 2017. In the future, MuLinSen will pay more attention to OSRAM's brand role

in recent years, mergers and acquisitions in the LED industry have been staged continuously. In addition to the mergers and acquisitions integration of upstream and downstream of the industrial chain, led enterprises have accelerated the "going out" and strengthened overseas mergers and acquisitions. In addition, many enterprises continue to extend mergers and acquisitions to other fields, and the cross-border and dual main business operation form of enterprises is becoming clearer and clearer. It can be seen that the more rational mergers and acquisitions of led enterprises also highlight the careful layout of enterprises. In this regard, the common goal of led enterprises'm & A is to integrate industry resources, expand extension fields and jointly help the LED industry to flourish

Guoxing optoelectronics plans to invest no more than 200million yuan to expand the production of display devices

on March 14, Foshan Guoxing optoelectronics Co., Ltd. issued a production expansion announcement, saying that the company plans to invest no more than 200million yuan to expand the production of the company's display device project based on its own development strategic planning, combined with the judgment of the LED packaging market and the existing customer order demand

this investment and expansion of production can flexibly meet the needs of the company's display device product orders, help the company continue to give full play to its packaging advantages, expand production scale, improve the level of automation and information production management, and constantly improve product quality. At the same time, further strengthen market development and cooperation, and consolidate the company's leading position in the LED display packaging industry, especially in the small spacing packaging industry, Improve the core competitiveness and overall profitability of the main business, and ensure the continuous growth of profits

Qipu optoelectronics invested 1million yuan to establish a joint-stock company

on the evening of March 15, Qipu optoelectronics announced that the company plans to jointly invest with Tianjin sanzhuo Intelligent Technology Co., Ltd. to establish a joint-stock company, Qipu Optoelectronics (Tianjin) Technology Co., Ltd., which is registered in Baodi District, Tianjin, with a registered capital of 5000000.00 yuan

the purpose of this foreign investment is to better develop the regional market of Beijing Tianjin Hebei and serve regional customers, and realize the rapid development of the company's business. It can better develop the market in Beijing Tianjin Hebei region and serve regional customers, meet the current needs of customers in this region for display screens and services, and improve the company's performance and comprehensive strength

lyad has more than 24million shares in LED chip materials company

lyad (Hong Kong) Co., Ltd., a wholly-owned subsidiary of lyad optoelectronics Co., Ltd., recently signed an equity subscription agreement with LED chip materials company saphlux, Inc., and lyad Hong Kong invested US $3.5 million (equivalent to about 24.03 million yuan) to subscribe for 1501220 AA preferred shares of saphlux, accounting for 14% of the total share capital of saphlux, At present, the delivery has been completed

lyade said that in the future, 2. VR/AR and intelligent equipment for the protection of electro-hydraulic servo universal experimental machine have great demand for portable and efficient laser projection. Saphlux's semi polar materials may be applied to semiconductor lasers, forming a joint force with lyade's existing virtual reality strategic investment

Alto electronics and Lixiang Huike set up a joint venture

Shenzhen Alto Electronics Co., Ltd. signed the joint venture agreement between Shenzhen Alto Electronics Co., Ltd. and Shenzhen Lixiang Huike Photoelectric Technology Co., Ltd. with Lu Wei and Cao Ping, the shareholders of Lixiang Huike, on March 1, Shenzhen Alto Lixiang Optoelectronic Technology Co., Ltd. was jointly established with a registered capital of 37.5 million yuan

one of the main businesses of Alto electronics is the research and development, production, sales and service of LED application products, and it will further expand the LED application business in the future; Lixiang Huike has the design, R & D and production capacity of LED creative display screen, and has a high reputation in domestic and foreign markets. The cooperation between the two sides can learn from each other's strong points and complement each other in terms of products, markets and technologies, and the cooperation has a great synergistic effect on both sides

Liangyou hardware, a subsidiary of Hongli Zhihui, signed a 500million investment contract

Hongli Zhihui announced in the evening of February 12 that Dongguan Liangyou Hardware Products Co., Ltd., a wholly-owned subsidiary of the company, in order to improve the decentralized production workshop layout of the enterprise itself and its holding subsidiary, Dongguan metal hardware Co., Ltd., and improve management efficiency, according to the preferential policies given by Dongguan, The project investment contract was signed with Dongguan Dalingshan Panshan Industrial Park Development Co., Ltd. on February 10, 2017

it is reported that the total investment of the project is 500 million yuan. If the project can be successfully completed and implemented, it will improve the decentralized layout of Liangyou hardware and metal hardware production workshops, improve management efficiency, further enhance the overall competitiveness of the company, and realize the sustainable and healthy development of the company

Recently, AED group and Shenzhen Qianhai chuangsite Optoelectronic Technology Co., Ltd. signed a strategic cooperation agreement. The two sides will form a comprehensive strategic cooperation relationship in the fields of fixed installation and leasing of display screens. Both sides are full of confidence in the prospect of cooperation and should share complementary advantages and resources

as the leading audio and video equipment manufacturer in Europe, AED group is the manufacturer of headlamp audio and video equipment. AED group carried out a series of inspections and market comparisons on chuangster, and recognized its professional technology and excellent product quality, especially for chuangster since 3 The cold and hot shock experimental machine should not be shut down and then turned on within 3 minutes. The main R & D of the refrigeration unit is small spacing discovery, rental screen, court screen and other products have promising prospects, and finally a strategic cooperation agreement has been reached

led downstream display enterprises invest in expanding production, participating in material companies, building joint ventures, and reaching strategic cooperation with peer enterprises. All these practices show that enterprises no longer choose to go their own way to develop, but actively layout and find a way out under the increasingly fierce industry competition. Leading enterprises in the industry build their own industrial chain, and large enterprises also enhance their strength through strong alliance. Next, with the major enterprises strengthening their investment planning, the industry competition will continue to rise, and the tide of bankruptcy may hit, while the trend of leading enterprises, Evergrande and medium-sized enterprises striving for the upper reaches will also gradually deepen with the layout of enterprises

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