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Salt spray corrosion test method for metal electroplating products:

the metal substrate is iron or stainless steel, and the electroplated coating is zinc/copper/silver/nickel, etc, spray "The research on the acquisition of new fire-resistant and flame-retardant composite materials has become an urgent problem to be solved. Neering has brought Altair professional knowledge in composite materials and the industry proven composite software esacomp. Plastic metal parts are iron frames.

metal 225 PVC plastic door electroplating products are mainly screws. I want to ask you how to do the corrosion resistance test of this product, how to specify a few hours for salt spray test, and what kind of phenomenon will happen after doing it It is qualified

test method:

1 Use 5+/-1% NaCl solution

2. The temperature is set at 35 ° C

value is 6.5~7.2

4. The salt spray sedimentation is 2 +/- 1ml/80cm2/h according to fetscher

5. The test duration is 48h

test judgment standard:

the surface treatment layer should be free of oxidation, falling off, fading, rust, corrosion and other phenomena

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