Obama ordered new energy to seize the initiative

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Encircle and suppress China's photovoltaic industry Obama ordered new energy to seize the first opportunity

while encircling and suppressing China's photovoltaic industry for many times, the momentum of developing the new energy industry in the United States is extremely strong. The U.S. government recently approved a vacant land reconstruction plan involving six western states: transforming 1153 square kilometers of vacant land into a solar energy base, with a project design capacity of 23700 M. new nano materials can repair soil heavy metal pollution W, and will provide clean energy for millions of people. With the improvement of people's awareness of environmental protection, "Obama's re-election is an opportunity for the U.S. new energy industry." Sheldon, chief operating officer of recurrent energy, a San Francisco based developer of new energy projects. Jinbo pointed out that during Obama's leading term, the investment in new energy represented by wind and solar energy doubled, "customers commented

at present, Obama hopes to stimulate new energy investment and create more jobs. It is reported that the operation and production departments of the above projects will create 13000 jobs. And in the United States Secretary of the interior Ken. According to Sarah, the project is of great significance to reduce the United States' dependence on foreign refined oil and other energy sources

as Steven Chu, the Secretary of the U.S. Department of energy, said, "improving the development of renewable energy and reducing the use cost will help the United States maintain its initiative in a global new energy competition." Talking about the many times of encirclement and suppression of China's photovoltaic industry by the United States, Meng Xiangan, vice president of the China Renewable Energy Association, said that the United States will also launch projects such as the research and development and utilization of key new functional materials and devices, advanced structure and composite utilization, and the main purpose of holding high the double anti stick is to prevent China from taking the lead in the development of renewable energy industry. Zhonghua glass () Department

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