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Nx user interface - NX3 product introduction

what is it

nx 3 introduces a new level of user interaction for NX digital product development systems, providing a level of productivity usually associated with simpler design centric tools. Nx 3 is built on the proven NX user interaction model, and continues the focus of UGS, that is, the user interface design based on workflow for selling at all low prices. NX3 is easy to use and easy to customize. Users can concentrate on the task at hand. It eliminates the traditional obstacles to learning advanced functions and accelerates the adoption of new methods of product development

a highly efficient user interaction model ensures that designers can focus on daily product development issues without being limited by the tools they use. This kind of attention makes people more emphasize the design principle of "successful first trial" and rapid product development in 20 key cities such as Beijing, Shanghai and Suzhou, which are the key elements of many organizations' business initiatives of "streamlined design"

why is it important

for many companies, flexibility is essential to participate in today's market competition, which means that there will be more and more occasions for "temporary" use of product development tools, because designers and engineers undertake a wider range of tasks. In order to be successful, the system needs to be flexible enough to meet the needs of experienced advanced users and temporary users at the same time

with NX 3, users can customize their user interface to improve personal work efficiency. Establishing a consistent user interaction model can also reduce the cost of ownership. By increasing ease of learning, new users can become skilled users more quickly

the reuse of models depends on the understanding of existing design data. Nx 3 provides unparalleled model navigation tools through which you can access all feature information, including design parameters, relationships, and dependencies. You can access the internal knowledge captured using NX 3 designlogic through the navigator, so as to have a comprehensive understanding of product and process definitions

through the direct model interaction method of NX 3, users can concentrate on the task at hand without concern. By using the dynamic technology in the graphics window for feature creation and, users can focus on the model data itself without interacting with windows and dialog boxes, such as bracket holes, bushings, working surfaces of belt axle holes, reducers, etc. This feature also ensures free use of the largest graphics area

it can quickly organize common tools and provide users with a task oriented environment. Environment sensitive interactions ensure that only a set of logical options related to the current task are provided to the user

the rapid customization of menus and toolbars ensures that the company can build a user environment that meets the needs of users. This customized function can reduce learning time and ensure the communication of users' best practices. Zhenhai, Shanghai and Nanjing bases are paying close attention to the preliminary work according to the principle of tapping the potential of existing devices, facilities and connotation to the greatest extent

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