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Xtools has 15366 paying enterprises and the largest number of CRM users in China

ctiforum January 15 news (Yang Yi): after eight years of development, xtools can be used in the prototype production management market in China for eight years. Adhering to the principle of making China's own professional CRM and making it affordable, usable and willing for the majority of small and medium-sized enterprises in China, xtoolscrm has been upgraded without any charge every month for eight years

xtools provides CRM products under the most advanced technical framework based on the principle that users are willing to use, so that users will always enjoy the products of cutting-edge technological revolution; Xtools has always adhered to the principle of affordable use by users, stabilizing the market price in the industry at a low level, so that the majority of small and medium-sized enterprises do not worry about price risks; Xtools has formulated the principle of being easy to use and easy to learn. It will not provide users with self-study, training, professional consulting and training services in a full range of ways, such as using materials that can be passed, networking methods, and special circumstances in the field of railway and aerospace, such as door-to-door services, and all these services are provided free of charge

xtools has more than 15000 officially paid enterprises.

it is precisely because xtools CRM, an almost ultimate product and service, has won the favor of many small and medium-sized enterprises in China. From the emergence of the concept of management software in China to the return of SAAS and the dominance of cloud computing, xtools CRM has been accompanying Chinese small and medium-sized enterprises step by step from ignorance to familiarity

the first enterprise signed the service three months after xtools CRM was first launched. By 2009, the number of users had reached 5000, then exceeded 10000 in 2011, and then exceeded 15000 in just one year. Relying on solid products and high-quality services, xtools gradually gained the recognition of Chinese small and medium-sized enterprises and instilled the concept of CRM into more small and medium-sized enterprise groups, Enable more enterprises to accept and enjoy the services required by this on-demand, and enjoy the office experience brought by the real information age

as of December 31, 2012, the number of formal paying enterprises of xtools CRM () has reached 15366, serving 53 sub industries. As a standardized CRM, xtools has 105 functional modules, far beyond the general definition of CRM. On this basis, xtools has continued to add value-added services with high added value for users over the past eight years, such as call centers, enterprises, Minsheng Bank loan services, Alibaba Taobao CRM services, etc. if these services are purchased alone, they will be a large cost. However, xtools maintains the price of these cooperative services acceptable to small and medium-sized enterprises through products, cooperation and other means, Strive to let users buy not only a single CRM service, but a full set of operation solutions that exceed the enterprise's expectations

xtools builds the first brand of CRM with reputation

different from the personal consumption market, xtools currently uses plastic products for the positions of car tailgate and bumper. What they do is relatively different services in the enterprise market. Users can't get things like objects in their hands, and there will be some psychological barriers to purchase. Therefore, xtools pays more attention to brand trust. Customers who have used xtools CRM for the longest time also have a history of eight years, and the renewal rate of xtools CRM has been maintained at more than 85%, and there has never been a complaint about customer data problems in the past eight years

xtools has grown from dozens of customers at the beginning to 15366 enterprise customers today. It has not reduced its service due to the increase in the number of customers, nor has it reduced its service due to the small number of enterprise users. A spokesperson for LianZhan technology said that xtools will try its best to meet the needs of users, set up the first user manager position in the industry, and can directly specify product update goals to R & D across levels; To set the product update time, the process from user feedback to product upgrade must be completed at the specified time of the month to ensure the monthly upgrade

each of these 15366 enterprises is the target of xtools' dedicated service and the source of xtools' product upgrading. These enterprises are also a strong proof that xtools has spent eight years building a trusted brand and has been recognized. Xtools fully guarantees the rights and interests of users from technology to law, but the most important thing is still users' trust in xtools and recognition of CRM

xtools has been the most trusted brand of domestic users for eight consecutive years, and has been rated as the user's preferred product by the national public information service platform, and as the first CRM with the number of paying users by Huicong, the largest IT e-commerce platform in China. Xtools enterprise vitamin, as the first CRM brand in China, based on the localized service concept and relying on the product support of top Internet technology, has built a fast, efficient and low-cost information service platform for all small and medium-sized enterprises in China. Xtools will bring users the best user experience with the most advanced CRM products, the best cloud services and the most professional attitude in the CRM industry

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