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Bices/ivex 2011 is about to launch, with the number of exhibitors and exhibition area reaching a new high, and the audience organization work in full swing. The pre registration is in progress.

bices/ivex 2011 is about to launch, with the number of exhibitors and exhibition area reaching a new high, and the audience organization work in full swing. The pre registration is in progress.

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Guide: after more than a year of preparatory work, with the strong support of all walks of life, The 11th China (Beijing) international construction machinery Building materials machinery and mining machinery exhibition and technology exchange conference and 2011 China Beijing International Commercial Vehicle Expo (...

after more than a year of preparation and strong support from all walks of life, the 11th China (Beijing) international construction machinery The number of exhibitors and exhibition area of building materials machinery and mining machinery exhibition and technology exchange conference and 2011 China Beijing International Commercial Vehicle Expo (bices/ivex 2011) reached a new high

bices 2011 has nearly 1200 exhibitors, with an exhibition area of 200000 square meters, both of which are more than 25% higher than the previous one. At that time, Beijing Jiuhua International Convention and Exhibition Center will bring three indoor pavilions with an exhibition area of more than 70000 square meters and an outdoor exhibition area of more than 120000 square meters, making it the largest event with the largest number of exhibitors, the most comprehensive products and the largest scale in the history of BICES from Gaokeng, Yangqiao and Huangchong coal mines, which have been shut down since February. While achieving self leap, BICES 2011 will become the largest and most influential construction machinery exhibition in the Asia Pacific region this year

bices 2011 adheres to the theme of "green change drives the future". While working together with ivex to present you the latest and complete equipment, products, services and technologies in the industry, it is committed to the transformation from exhibition platform to value platform, from innovative design competition to the promotion of construction machinery culture, from advocating humanistic care to the interpretation of the industry, from gathering industry elites to fully promoting industrial upgrading, All witnessed every step of the development of the industry

bices is constantly improving itself. At the same time, it strives to present new highlights in each exhibition to give new surprises to the industry. This year is no exception. On the basis of BICES' self interpretation in 2011, it will bring you a new style in exhibitors, visitors and accommodation transportation with ivex

1. First of all, in terms of exhibitors, there are nearly 1200 exhibitors, the largest number of exhibitors in the history of BICES. Among them, the number and area of international exhibitors have increased significantly, which will form an international exhibition area. Foreign caterpillar will be heavily equipped, and domestic industry rookies will be heavily attacked. At that time, Chinese and foreign heroes will gather in Beijing with secret skills, and the construction machinery industry will rise again in October

in terms of exhibits, the distinctive theme of "green, change and boost the future" has won the attention of the global construction machinery industry. As the core of the theme of green change, major engine enterprises in the world such as Cummins, Perkins, Isuzu, DEUTZ, Fiat, Toyota, Yuchai, Shangchai, etc. will appear on the stage, creating another "core" feast. Well known enterprises in the fields of hydraulic, transmission and electronic control that echo engine enterprises will also display a large number of new energy-saving products. Vertically, the most outstanding exhibits in the upper, middle and lower reaches of the whole industrial chain will build a bright "green" landscape of the industry. From a horizontal perspective, BICES strives to break through the traditional scope of exhibition. While updating the name of the exhibition, it also vigorously expands and enriches the connotation of the exhibits, such as in addition to earth moving machinery, high-altitude operation machinery, mining vehicles, commercial vehicles and special vehicles, crushing and screening machinery, brick and tile machinery, reinforcement machinery, construction site facilities and other aspects, exhibitors have increased significantly, in order to provide more business opportunities for the audience

2. In terms of audience organization, BICES has also made every effort to tap and gather high-end and high-quality audience groups. The audience organization work of this session has received the full support of more than 40 industry associations at home and abroad. At present, more than 20 overseas professional institutions in Japan, South Korea, Vietnam, Germany, Italy, Turkey, Brazil, Ghana, Syria and other countries have decided to organize a delegation to visit; Domestically, in addition to the original user groups, we have also made efforts to expand the user groups in water conservancy, subway, wind power, mining and other industries, and expand the audience groups in real time in automobile, electronic and electrical appliances, machinery, large complete sets of equipment and other industries through irregular activities

while organizing the audience, BICES also continues to hold high-quality and high-level activities, from "global construction machinery industry conference and top 50 summit" and "global excavator summit" to "China Construction machinery emergency rescue equipment exhibition and forum", from "BICES club" to "BICES China - the first international construction machinery and special vehicle creative design competition" and other activities, Both strive to build the most effective communication platform for the industry and grasp the development trend of the industry in time

in addition, in terms of the audience organization mode of previous BICES, this BICES is the first to create a reception scheme that advocates humanistic care and interprets the industry for free accommodation. It aims to reduce the participation cost of R & D personnel, technicians and purchasers of some manufacturers, and facilitate the participation of R & D technology and purchasers in the fields of construction machinery, building materials machinery, mining machinery and commercial vehicles, Better integrate into the bices/ivex 2011 on-site exchange platform: personally observe and experience the latest products of the industry, gather the latest technical exchanges of peers, participate in the top conferences and forums of the industry, understand the development direction of the industry, and take this opportunity to promote the development of the industry faster and better and promote the upgrading of the industry

at the same time, the organizer will also try its best to improve the convenience and interest of pre registration, and has opened a new pre registration system: ① personal pre registration, ② group pre registration, ③ audience mutual invitation, ④ on-site self-service printing and other functions in one; And take the way that participating in pre registration can draw awards. At the same time, a series of on-site services will be adopted for the audience participating in pre registration to protect and distinguish the on-site registered audience, so as to facilitate the pre registered audience

3. In terms of accommodation and transportation, BICES will adhere to international standards to do a good job in supporting services. On the basis of Jiuhua accommodation, the organizer introduced the famous brand xiangeqing group million manor Green Food Co., Ltd. in the catering industry to provide a variety of convenient and fast food. At the same time, on the basis of the free accommodation reception scheme, the organizer newly developed the recommended reference hotels that can reach the exhibition hall within 1 hour and are located in the business circle of the National Olympic Sports Center, Wangjing business circle, Tiantongyuan business circle and other prosperous business circles The agreement Hotel and the conference mode hotel integrating accommodation and conference are equipped with shuttle buses in the free hotel, agreement Hotel and conference hotel to make it as convenient for exhibitors and visitors as possible

in terms of transportation, the roads inside and outside the site will be upgraded to improve the traffic capacity and the comfort of visitors. Optimize the shuttle bus service, rearrange the shuttle bus stations and operation plans, optimize the guidance and command of surrounding roads, and control the time for most people to transfer to transportation and the shuttle bus to the exhibition site within 1 hour, so as to achieve the seamless connection of the non rotating distribution of green demonstration factories, green demonstration parks, green products and green supply chain demonstration lists from the aspects of catering, accommodation, transportation, etc., forming a one-stop service, Create a comfortable, convenient and pleasant environment for exhibitors and visitors

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