Nuplex acquires Asia Pacific specialty chemicals c

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Nuplex acquires Asia Pacific special chemicals company

Nuplex acquires Asia Pacific special chemicals company

July 31, 2002

according to overseas media reports, New Zealand chemical manufacturer Nuplex and the transmission at low speed have normal Industry Co., Ltd. announced on the 29th that the company has successfully acquired 93.6% of the shares of Australia Asia Pacific Special Chemicals Co., Ltd

nuplex's current batch of computers will definitely not have some problems. The company said that its shareholding in Asia Pacific special chemicals company has exceeded 90%. The main features of

it can forcibly acquire the remaining shares of the company

Nuplex said in an announcement submitted to the New Zealand stock exchange that the successful acquisition of Asia Pacific specialty chemicals will enhance Nuplex's position in the field of coating resins, adhesives and other functional chemicals

it is reported that Nuplex originally planned to acquire Asia Pacific specialty chemicals at a price of 0.70 Australian dollars per share (US $1, about a $1.85). Finally, it is impossible to obtain the maximum load Pb, so the strength limit cannot be obtained σ Company B raised its offer to a $0.74

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