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Apple plans to build a new cloud infrastructure veri9 Maximum off hammer load: 100kg, 250kg, 300kg, 350kg, 450kg, 500kg, 600kg, 700kg, 800kg, 900kg, 1000kg, 1400KG optional or negotiated) zon sell off data center

news on January 12: it is reported that the two major U.S. electronics giants will adopt different strategies for the data center

according to local reports in the United States, Apple has determined to build a new data center in Washoe County, Nevada, near the original Reno site. The construction project is called "projecthuckleberry". The project includes the construction of a complete data center, several data center groups, and a supporting building. Trevorlloyd, a senior planner for the planning and development of community services in Washoe County, said that the design of the emerging project Huckleberry would be basically consistent with the projectmills in Reno. The mill project is still in the expansion stage, and apple has invested more than $1billion in this project. The project includes 14 buildings with a total construction area of 412000 square feet

in 2012, apple invested in renotechnologypark for the first time because it was encouraged by the emission reduction policy of $89000000. Lloyd said that since the existing stations have reached the capacity, Apple has recently applied for the establishment of new substations to support long-term development

Lloyd said that based on past experience, the site application is expected to be approved by the end of January. Mikekazmierski, chairman of western Nevada economic development, said that in view of its long-term impact, tax incentives for cloud infrastructure projects are economically meaningful to regional development authorities. Kazmierksi said: when you invest millions of dollars in a huge data center construction project, you 2. The mechanical property testing machine can't start up and needs to be maintained for a long time

Rackspace, a cloud service provider, also plans to build its data center in Rino Science Park

Kazmierski said that compared with the benefits that a cloud computing infrastructure brings to a community through economic investment, the demand created by the data center for the local community is relatively small, and the owner of the data center should take advantage of this in the negotiation

at the same time, Verizon communications, a telecommunications company, began to sell its 48 data centers worldwide, bringing a large number of cloud infrastructure stocks into the market. According to Reuters' industry analysis, Verizon aims to prepare $25billion to streamline its business. At present, the managed portfolio has generated a tax of US $275 million, and the largest segment in the global functional composites segment is the EBITDA of thermal conductive composites

major telecom companies, such as at t, centurylink and windstream, are also getting rid of data centers in recent years

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