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US media: Obama's diplomatic achievements in 2015 were "fragile"

in the past year, President Barack Obama made significant progress on four of the foreign policy agenda of his second term. They are: reaching a nuclear agreement with Iran, resuming diplomatic relations with Cuba, reaching a global climate change agreement, and signing a new trade agreement with Asia

however, these four developments are fragile. Some of these developments have not been bought by many politicians at home. Others face legal challenges, or may be weakened over time by White House successors or foreign heads of state

in this way, the White House will devote a large part of its energy to defending these four developments in 2016, so that they can be fully promoted before 2017, which is difficult to be cancelled in the future

on the issue of Cuba, this means taking additional administrative measures to make Americans accustomed to going to this island country 145 kilometers away from the coast of Florida, and to enable American enterprises to make deep investments there. As for the climate change agreement, Obama will ask cabinet officials to work hard to ensure that the other 195 parties to the agreement do not renege through consultations aimed at consolidating part of the agreement that will be held next year. On the issue of Iran's nuclear agreement, he must ensure that Tehran continues to dismantle its nuclear infrastructure. He also 2. Strand introduction: Congress must be urged to approve the newly reached trade agreement, although some lawmakers from both parties are unwilling to approve the agreement, and presidential candidates from both parties boycott the agreement

the Middle East issue casts a shadow

both supporters and critics believe that Obama's victory can reshape U.S. foreign policy in the coming years, but these victories may also be overshadowed by the following two things: Americans' growing concern about the threat of terrorism; And Americans' dissatisfaction with Obama's strategy to combat the Islamic state in Syria and Iraq

foreign policy experts said that the Syrian issue is particularly likely to discredit Obama's political achievements, even if he has made achievements in other areas. In addition, the Syrian issue will expose Obama to criticism for his heavy reliance on diplomacy and economic exchanges

Bruce Jones, director of the foreign policy program of the Brookings Institution, said, "Obama has focused on what can be achieved through patient and unremitting diplomatic efforts. He has indeed made a lot of efforts. But for the same reason, the Obama administration often underestimates that military power is an important tool that can influence political outcomes, and the use of military power will certainly work in Syria."

Richard Haas, President of the diplomatic society, said that Obama's approach to the Middle East issue is different from that of his predecessor George W. Bush, but this approach is of equal importance. Haas said, "for the Middle East, his (Obama's) failure on the Syrian issue will be regarded as as having the same important impact as Bush's choice in Iraq in 2003. Our previous president, history is likely to criticize him for his actions in the Middle East, while the current president, history is likely to criticize him for his inaction in the region."

with entering the last year of his term of office, Obama can only seize the last opportunity to consolidate his political achievements and reverse public opinion. A poll jointly conducted by this newspaper and the NBC group in December showed that after the terrorist attacks in San Bernardino and Paris, 60% of Americans did not agree with Obama's handling of the fight against the organization of the Islamic state, while 57% of Americans did not agree with his overall performance on foreign policy issues

at present, the demand for large-scale and super large-scale marine electric welding anchor chains in the domestic and foreign markets is increasing day by day, while the hydraulic force application system of the existing horizontal tension testing machine for anchor chains generally uses the proportional relief valve for loading, and the control performance is poor, which often fails to meet the class I standard. Obama emphasized both his administrative authority and ambitious foreign policy goals, rather than domestic goals, in his second term of office. This shift made possible some of his most significant achievements, but it also made them more fragile

fait accompli may be difficult to reverse.

Ben Rhodes, deputy assistant to the White House for national security affairs, said: "Our view on this issue is that in the real world, the cost of canceling these policies will be too high. Tearing up the Iran nuclear agreement will lead to the start of Iran's nuclear program and may lead to war. Withdrawing from the climate talks in Paris will anger nearly 200 countries. It is unreasonable to close the U.S. Embassy and tell American citizens not to go to Cuba. If the new president takes office and creates a crisis and alienates the world, it will be completely illogical Series, so it will naturally be limited at that time. "

the Asian trade agreement may become a legally binding policy, and the White House plans to strongly urge Republican leaders to set a voting timetable for this issue next year. Obama expressed optimism that lawmakers will approve the agreement next year

White House officials believe that if Republicans are elected president, climate change will be the most vulnerable part of Obama's political legacy. Whether the commitments made by the United States in the agreement reached in Paris this month can be fulfilled depends entirely on the actions of the president. Briandis, Obama's top adviser on climate change, said, "most of the measures we have taken are implemented through administrative power, so they still belong to the administrative category. But I think it is very important that once the rules and regulations are implemented and absorbed and adopted by the industry, they will be difficult to recover."

since Obama announced a year ago that he would resume diplomatic relations with Cuba, things have progressed very slowly. Although both countries reopened their embassies in each other's capital and officials announced last week that Americans will soon be able to travel to Havana by civil aircraft, Congress has not lifted the U.S. embargo on Cuba

however, Cuba still seems to be the most solid part of Obama's political heritage. Carlos Gutierrez, who served as secretary of Commerce during the Bush administration, is a supporter of Obama's Cuba policy. He said it was hard to imagine a president closing the U.S. Embassy in Havana at the moment

Republicans are more critical of the Iran agreement. No Republicans in Congress supported the agreement, and the reason why the agreement can be promoted in Congress is that Republicans failed to win the support of the overwhelming majority for rejecting the agreement

trump called the agreement an "absolutely incompetent agreement" last week, while Texas Senator Ted Cruz said he would withdraw from the agreement immediately after taking office. However, other presidential candidates, including former Florida governor jebbush, said it was not a viable option

therefore, the ternary material has a higher volume energy density. U.S. officials said that Iran has complied with the agreement so far. However, other actions by Tehran, including the recent test firing of ballistic missiles capable of carrying nuclear weapons, prompted Republicans to demand a tougher response from the White House

Senator Bob cork of Tennessee, chairman of the Senate Foreign Relations Committee, said: "Iran has committed acts in violation of the resolutions of the United Nations Security Council and other acts that are not conducive to stability, but have not incurred any consequences, which creates a dangerous precedent before the implementation of the nuclear agreement. When the nuclear agreement is implemented, the sanctions will be lifted, and things will be more beneficial to Iran."

Prem Kumar, who once served as Obama's adviser on the Middle East and is now the senior vice president of Albright stone bridge Consulting Group, said that further implementation will make the nuclear agreement more difficult to reverse

Kumar said: "the future of the agreement depends on the actions of the Iranians, but I would like to say that in the past few months, the possibility that the agreement will be maintained for a long time has increased."

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