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Application of shrink labels on aseptic food cartons in the United States II

advertising effect

fort Dearborn uses reverse printing technology to print label rolls in 9 colors. The raw substrate (50 micron PVC shrink film supplied by KL 卌 kner pentaplast) is about 17 inches wide. There are two reasons for choosing glossy films: one is their own shrinkage characteristics, and the other is that these films are attractive. These two points are the important goals of fresh Island - the charm of shrink film is that it can cling to the packaging and produce a huge advertising effect. "

the factory uses a 22 inch Mark Andy Comco ProGlide 10 color printing machine and strictly uses water-based inks produced by environmental inks and coatings. Label researchers try to keep the composite conductive while coating the back with a protective layer. Therefore, when the label is attached to the carton, it can prevent scratches and abrasion. The ink includes 4 kinds of printing color inks, special white, special green, special purple, and the other end is fixed close to the machine body and pressed by hand to customize the color and black

fort Dearborn account manager Larry olliges explained, "The designated ink is used to match the PMS color. Other inks are basically printing color inks. Purple is very dark and green is also very special, so we have to use some special matching inks in addition to the tricolor ink. Generally speaking, we do not mix the linear color with the harmonic color. In this way, we can better control the virtual light and product penetration. We have to interrupt some linear colors and use the hue to show their true colors."

the shrink label roll of fresh island is seamed by HCI converting equipment, and then pasted on the sterile paper box. Colorimetric inspection during printing

olliges went on to say that the company kept the change of plates and copies once for each product, thus reducing the label cost of fresh island. The 10 color Comco printing equipment can complete the functions of back printing, coating, splicing, ink drying and automatic registration. Although the printing press frankly says that China's economy is full of challenges, the X-Rite spectrophotometer chromaticity adjustment device can keep the color consistent with the standard color. Compare the samples with naked eyes first, and then read the values with a spectrophotometer to ensure the effective operation of the printing machine. The printing machine can be manually adjusted as required. Finally, 3. Specification of metal anchor rod and anchor cable test piece: anchor rod Φ 16~ Φ 24mm; Diameter of anchor cable body Φ 15~ Φ The 24mm label roll is cut off from the printing machine, and rolled into each label roll with the equipment of HCI converting equipment company and seamed

the printing graphic image can be seen through the ink table on the ProGlide flexo printer, and the feeding label film can be processed

version change minimizes

when printing labels in series, the printer operator can stop the printer and change the specified color instead of changing the printed version. Ollish said: "With so many colors, it's easy to print these labels in a back-to-back manner. Each label has 8 ordinary colors, plus a special designated color. We stop the printer between colors, and only need to change one color and change one version. The black line version is the only version that needs to be changed.

in addition, all models need to use the other 8 versions. Changing the version will be very expensive, so we work with fresh island and design The company works together to keep costs to a minimum. The label design is the same for different products. "

sales of beverage products are growing, and Chinn said he was very satisfied with the new packaging

at one end of the ten color printer, the unprinted sleeve label film is fed into the system and ready for printing

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