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The application of laser holographic marking in packaging is increasing year by year

the application of laser holographic marking in packaging is increasing year by year. The anti-counterfeiting of cigarette, wine, medicine, cosmetics and other products can not be separated from laser holographic identification. The following are some tips on the production and application of laser holographic signs brought to us by luokeyin, an engineer of the Technology Department of the manufacturing center of Zhejiang Meinong or three test pieces with brittle fracture, Mr. Gujinyuan, manager of the Technology Department of Wuxi Xinguang anti counterfeiting technology Co., Ltd., and Niu zhenxiansheng, manager of the anti counterfeiting technology development department of Henan anti counterfeiting and confidential printing company. Let's share these valuable experiences. Problems and solutions in production

in the production process of laser holographic identification, common quality problems and their solutions are as follows

(1) the holographic pattern is not clear locally

causes: the thickness of the die plate is uneven, the molding pressure is too small, the heating temperature is too low or the machine accuracy is not high

solution: check whether the thickness of the die plate is uniform, whether the molding pressure is too small, whether the temperature is too low, and whether the machine accuracy decreases

key points of process control: the thickness error of the die plate shall be controlled within 0.o01mm, and the hardness shall be maintained at 230-280n/mm. Because the hologram is molded with interference fringes by applying certain pressure to the molding roller. If the hardness of the mold plate is not enough, the internal stress will deform or damage the mold plate during the stamping process

(2) the holographic pattern is dim

causes: generally related to heating temperature and molding pressure

solution: check whether the heating temperature wdw-yaw series is too low for the pressure test of concrete, bricks and other materials. Whether the molding pressure drops

key points of process control: the setting of molding pressure should comprehensively consider the molding temperature, the type of holographic material or the softening point of the coating layer, the mold plate, etc. The pressure is too high. The die plate is easy to be damaged or the holographic material is crushed; The pressure is too low. The molding image is unclear and incomplete. For the round pressing mode, the initial pressure of the pressure rollers on both sides is generally about 0.08mpa. After the molding starts, slowly increase the pressure of the pressure rollers to 0.30 ~ 0.50mpa. The molding speed can be adjusted comprehensively according to the stamping quality and machine performance

(3) whitening of holographic pattern

solution: check whether the molding speed is too slow and whether the molding temperature is too high

(4) the maximum reward amount can cover the project landing cost; The reasons for the three holographic film plate sticking projects including newly purchased equipment, overall relocation and logistics transportation: the hot pressing temperature is higher than the degradation temperature, and the coating viscosity increases, which will cause plate sticking and make the film wound on the holographic embossing roller

solution: reduce the heat. At present, there is another electronic universal experimental machine in the market, which adopts the voltage and temperature of ordinary 3-camera or frequency converter

(5) the holographic pattern is clear and fuzzy one by one. Causes: uneven temperature distribution of the hot pressing device or uneven die plate

solution: check whether the temperature distribution of the hot pressing device is uniform and whether the die plate is deformed or worn

(6) cause of transverse (longitudinal) wrinkle of holographic film: improper tension control of unwinding or rewinding

solution: properly adjust the unwinding tension or winding tension until wrinkles are eliminated

problems in application and solutions

(1) causes of laser holographic logo warping

: the base of laser holographic logo is aluminum film, which has a certain hardness and is relatively strong; The viscosity of the adhesive is not enough. This phenomenon is easy to occur when the medicine box or wine box is sealed and labeled

solution: appropriately reduce the thickness of aluminum film, thicken the adhesive layer or increase the viscosity of adhesive. Key points of process control: the thickness of the adhesive shall be well controlled. Especially in the summer when the temperature is relatively high, the adhesive will melt and overflow due to high temperature, resulting in dirty printed matter

(2) it is difficult to scrape off the scratch layer of the laser holographic code anti-counterfeiting mark

cause: the scratch layer is too tightly bonded with the laser holographic layer

solution: spray anti-counterfeiting code on the laser holographic mark first, then polish it, and finally coat the scratch layer

key points of process control: pay attention to the quality of varnish coating. Otherwise, the anti-counterfeiting code will be scraped off when scraping. From the interview, we learned that the production technology of laser holographic anti-counterfeiting logo has been very mature and popular. Relying solely on laser holographic anti-counterfeiting logo has lost its anti-counterfeiting function. There are two ways to choose from for laser holographic identification: one is to increase the technical content, push through the old to bring forth the new, and develop laser holographic anti-counterfeiting identification with higher technical content; the other is to combine with printing to achieve the three-dimensional combination of printing anti-counterfeiting and laser holographic anti-counterfeiting

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