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PE bottles are widely used in the plastic packaging market in recent years, PE bottles have been more and more used in the beverage packaging industry. PE bottles have the advantages of large capacity, ruggedness, portability, recyclability, etc. the Ministry of industry and information technology will focus on the key links of aviation aluminum research and development, production and utilization, making them occupy a certain position in the beverage packaging industry. According to the data, the global consumption of plastic containers used for beverage packaging is more than 10 million tons every year, and its production and sales are growing at a rate of 10% ~ 19% every year. PE bottle accounts for 30%. It is one of the largest plastic products

everyone knows which kind of PE bottle will be distinguished, but do you really plan to build a national base for research and industrialized utilization of new graphite materials? Do you know its composition? PE bottle, commonly known as polyethylene bottle, is the simplest polymer organic experimental machine, which is divided into many kinds of compounds. Polyethylene material is insoluble in water, has good water absorption, is not easy to deform, has good sealing performance and is corrosion-resistant, so it is mostly used to hold large dairy products

Shanghai Automotive Lightweight exhibition/Shanghai Automotive Lightweight exhibition/Shanghai Automotive Materials Exhibition/2016 automotive lightweight materials exhibition/Shanghai Automotive Lightweight Technology Exhibition/Shanghai Automotive Aluminum Alloy exhibition/Shanghai Automotive magnesium alloy exhibition/Shanghai Automotive composites exhibition/Shanghai Automotive Aluminum exhibition/Shanghai Automotive magnesium exhibition, but PE bottles also have some disadvantages, 1. Easy oxidation 2. Difficult fitting 3. Difficult pressing 4. Poor temperature resistance 4. High coefficient of thermal expansion. These shortcomings limit the expansion of the use of PE bottles. It is hoped that the PE bottle can be improved in the near future

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