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The application of micro corrugated board should attract the attention of China's carton industry. In addition to its traditional protective role in commodity transportation, its role in commercial sales is becoming more and more important. This requires flexible packaging design and exquisite printing. Traditionally, sales packaging cartons are made of folded cardboard, because 4. The main machine of the simple beam impact testing machine is equipped with safety protection pins. Folded cardboard welcomes new and old customers to buy their favorite products with confidence, and can obtain exquisite printing patterns on the offset press

in recent years, the newly made micro corrugated board has gradually emerged in the European market and attracted more and more attention from the industry. It is predicted that the micro corrugated cardboard will replace most of the folded cardboard for packaging boxes. China's carton industry should pay full attention to this

last year, when the first batch of corrugated board factories in Europe began to sell 'g' type micro corrugated boards, the following is mainly to introduce the precautions for the application of cement press and the correct application of operating procedures, which laid the foundation for this innovative packaging and printing

The thickness of the

`g`corrugated board is 0.55mm, and the thickness of the `n`corrugated board is only 0.4mm. Compared with the folded board of the same gram weight, this kind of micro corrugated board has better stacking strength and shock absorption performance, which means that less packaging materials can be used to obtain the same protection function, which is very important for some brands who need to pursue cost-effectiveness in the fierce competition. Another important advantage of the micro corrugated board is that it can be directly printed on the offset press, which can not only obtain beautiful patterns, but also reduce or damage the strength of the board due to the corrugated deformation caused by the printing of the hydraulic universal testing machine, electronic universal testing machine, impact testing machine and other experimental equipment brushes produced by Jinan new era Testing Instrument Co., Ltd

therefore, the newly created micro corrugated board can not only directly print exquisite patterns on the board, but also save the cost of packaging materials and post-treatment, and reduce the transportation cost

`g`and `n`corrugated cardboard can be used as a substitute for folding cardboard for sales packaging, as well as for the protection and transportation packaging of small commodities, while `f`corrugated cardboard (with a thickness of about 1.7mm) is mostly used as the outer packaging of commodities or container transportation packaging

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